Really pleased to see Fugetta evolving further. Do you have a video? (I don’t have Norns)


There are some on instagram -


With MIDI too!? So great

Yep, four configurable midi channels supported


This is great, thanks for this! I’m not clear on all of the paging yet, but the engine sounds great and I am a huge Fugue Machine fan. Are there any parameters for Molly? I’m not finding any way to tweak the sound. Thanks again

Edit: initially, I was looking for parameters in the wrong place in v2, fixed now.

@its_your_bedtime is there any way to offset the pitch of playheads (like +/- x steps), ala Fugue Machine? It seems like the transposition options are octave only, but maybe I am missing something with alt+transpose? Thanks again for your work on this!

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Thanks for feedback! Currently there is no way to adjust this from script, but you can change transpose values in trvals table.

Cool, good to know! And sounds like a relatively simple first norns coding project! Thanks!

Heres a demo I did using v1

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Sequencing shuttle system with fugu this morning. Nice to revisit this gem of a script, thanks @its_your_bedtime!


Would love to see crow/JF ii integration on this @its_your_bedtime !!


+++++1. would be amazing.

Just started using this with midi - such a fun script!!

@its_your_bedtime, that’s a very nice sequencer. Thanks for the script! Also nice it outputs midi.


I love this program.

Noticed something: I have my bpm set to 50 and then changed to next note page the bpm goes automatically to 110, and when I go back to first page the bpm is 110. Weird because I think I’ve not had this bpm reset thing happen until today.

any news about this topic?
the integration of ‚norns clock‘ would be wonderful :star_struck:


Is there a way to copy patterns? Also, what do the 2nd and 3rd rows below the pattern selection row do?

does anyone know if there is some more thorough documentation for this script?

i think ive wrapped my head around most of it. still unclear what this sentence means from the brief description in the beginning - this last “alt” function is not making sense to me

also pages three and four are a little unclear to me as well. if anyone could link me to some documentation or provide a clearer explanation that would be much appreciated.


Here’s a track I did a while back with Fugu:

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I’m feeling really dense saying this, but I can’t find how to navigate through the pages, and the grid isn’t showing anything. I’ve removed and reinstalled Fugu. Any advice - thanks!