Future Guitar : No Amps, No Pedals


Same here gave up on amps, and even electric guitar for a while. End of story is now I am using a Kemper, nice effects and solid to record with. And running Ableton through the fx loops so computer is in there with ease.


offensive. even if it is a repost, sexist comment about talent of women.


I read it more as an absurdist take on (sexist, among other things) expectations around guitar playing. In retrospect I see how it could be read as offensive. Apparently the forum software won’t let me un-like it though.


I have no problems with things that are patently absurd. And I think it’s a shame to call someone out so aggressively for the possible appearance of offence. I agree that blatantly offensive things should be a concern, but perhaps in this case, all people who are offended by what some of us take as obvious parody should simply message the concerned individual directly rather than making assumptions for others.

I also think that in general most people’s triggers for “offence” are set rather tightly…


On topic: there is a LADSPA plugin for SuperCollider which will let you integrate the same plugins used by Mod Duo and MODEP into your supercollider stack. I’ve given a few of them a whirl in my customized effects stack for supercollider.


It’s wild how y’all will take a tongue-in-cheek but, by my read, genuine set of aesthetic notes and run with it in so many different directions.


No Amps, No Pedals, No Future.

I’m pro-odd aesthetic notes. Reminds me of David Fair’s classic “How to play guitar” article:


…which is tangentially related to the thread’s main concept insofar as it advocates total freedom from tradition.




omg i have been looking for wireless system for downstairs back room music area. can you describe your experience, sound or any plug/play issues? of the boss wireless cable combo i mean.

that looks like so much future fun!!!


In a word, it’s excellent. Worked straight away, sounds great, no discernible latency, allows for excellent rock star guitar poses without the fear of tripping over wires :slight_smile:


did you get the one for passive or active? i’m wondering which i should get in that i have a modular a rhodes a tr8s and a moog source all that could be variously piped wirelessly.

plus passive basses and guitar


I’ve used the Boss GP-10, Roland GR-55 and VG-99. When I was playing on stage, I preferred the GP-10 due to its form factor, and the fact that I was really only needing bread and butter type guitar sounds. But definitely agree about editing programs on it.

If you can get your hands on a gently used VG-99, sound design becomes bliss with it’s large intuitive LCD and lots of hands on knobs and controllers to make adjustments with. Shame they discontinued it as I don’t think anything has been created since that really does what it does. It is really a bottomless playground for guitar.

The GR-55 is nice too. Kind of its own animal with the PCM synths.

I’ve definitely found hexaphonic (in particular the Roland solutions) preferable to pc/mac/ipad software.