Fyi: berlin ctm festival online

I just stumbled upon this event and thought it might be of interest for some of you.
It already started and the programme looks nice. See the link below.


Bumping the ongoing CTM 2021 festival, as the CTM Cyberia virtual exhibition opens today.

Loads of stuff in the CTM 2021 magazine and archive already. Who of llllllllines folks has attended it?

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A band I was in played at CTM many years ago - think it was around 2006/7. We played just before Vladislav Delay I think, and the night was capped off by a strange group/collective called Fuck Head who performed a sort of ceremonial dirge procession that reached it’s apex with the slathering of bull’s semen over the various participants. An interesting evening.
I also went back a few years later as an attendee as my partner at the time worked for The Wire and was there in a professional capacity - loved all the little talks and workshops that popped up around the main festival events, which were also great - had my mind and ears blown by a Mika Vainio performance that year, one of the most forceful displays of sound I’ve ever come across.

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Slightly out of topic… if there are some finns around, it would be great if they could translate this article about him: Mika Vainio – A Quiet Life | Kulttuuricocktail |
I find it to be an exceptional account (while very sad of course) touching difficult subjects from different relevant perspectives. I would do it myself but I am not sure if my skills are good enough for that.

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