FYI - Moog Subsequent 37 CV

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I could say it’s ugly in less than 20 characters but I won’t.

I think it (the aluminum) looks great but I would prefer black or aluminum to wood sides.

Besides CV and the questionnable look, what does it really bring to the table?

Increased headroom, and other similar sonic improvements.

If I were going to spend this kind of money on a CV capable fixed architecture synth, I’d probably be more inclined towards the paraphonic DSI Pro 2, but I can see this being a solid choice for the steady Moog fan.

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I always find it a bit difficult to be excited about Moog releases even though they are, from experience, nicely crafted and good sounding instruments. So thank you for the precisions!

I consider myself a modest Moog fanboy and own a lot of their gear - they were my first intro into synthesis and I think I’ll always have a special place in my heart for them. That being said, I’m not really all that excited about this release. I have a Sub37 and think its a great piece of gear on its own - I was not aware that the signal path or CV capabilities were considered all that detractive. I’m curious to know how they arrived at this from a marketing standpoint. Sure, CV out sounds nice - but couldn’t they just offer a mod or kit for this? Maybe its truly a limited edition and that’s it. I’m hoping that there’s more innovative products on the horizon - their flagship products are simply unattainable for most people and are decidedly nostalgic for the few that can afford them.

Or, I’m just not really part of their target market.