FYI: new monome sequencer

soo so good. holding the screwdriver while playing?? !!! and those sounds are fantastic.

great interface. could you give a text breakdown of what everything does? i could likely hard-code a version that could run on WW/MP or a r-pi or an arduino due.


<3 polyrythmus – so glad you’re building a monome app around it. thank you so much for your work.

any shot this would make its way to the 128? judging by your video, functionality requires 16 across but looks like 8 down could function as well.


@tehn – i’m totally speechless right now. really, really happy that you like it – thank you (: i’m so brandnew to the monome community, yet so eager to get this sequencer finished as i’ve been struggling with programming the (at least for my needs) “perfect” tool since roughly two years. thanks to the monome, i have finally found an instrument seeming to be completely ideal for everything i’d like to do.

imagining, that this (or a comparable) sequencer could run on a raspberry – i couldn’t tell you how incredible this would be. i’ve been searching ways for max to run “in a box” for quite some while, but haven’t found a decent solution. how ever the sequencer as such might turn out to be pretty complex. this kind of conflicts with my lacking knowledge of javascript – the grid- and led-management is pretty much of a mess right now (you may recall i opened a thread to get some tips).

anyhow – i’ll see that i make a quick video of what it currently (more or less) can do by tomorrow. will post it here. the hohner clip above is really only a modest fragment… it has some fun, weird features, yet many to still be added (:

@dan_derks: thanks so very much, too! i’m very glad you like. i haven’t considered making a 128 version of it, how ever i had no clue that there might be an interest in the community. i don’t own a monome 128, hbut i guess i could manage to “simulate” one with mine? … it’ll all take some time for me, and there’s A L O T of perfectionising to do, but i’m eager to learn and contribute.

thanks guys! made my day <3


absolutely love polyrhythmus, very excited about this. thank you!

Great, now I’ll need a :telescope: to find my mind. Thank you so much.

thanks guys <3 makes me very happy, all this.

there’s a video of the monome sequencer explained. sorry for my incapability of decently articulating myself.

the thing is pretty long. i’d be gracious if you bare with me, because my actual intention of sharing this at a such early stage is to get some ideas, some input – and ideally some help (: … i still have many, many problems with the tool – i’m very bad in grid management due to my complete incapability of writing JS. i basically have an idea of what is needed – and i think it might even be simple… i just have no clue how to code it.

then again, i would how ever love to finish this project ASAP, for my personal use and for sharing it here. it seems the monome community is flooded with pretty nifty programmers and creative, motivated minds, and i’m aware that everybody has projects he/she’s working on – if how ever there’s any motivation to jump in and “collaborate” or simply help me out here and there as for getting the grid a little cleaner – i’d be super happy (and maybe in the end we’d have a working tool that makes some other folks happy, again :)).

oh, and here’s a shorter video that shows the sequence-phasing i mention in the first clip. instant philip glass, by coincidence. i think i accidentally even stole some harmonies from his glassworks.


what’s great about this community is that every week or so somebody presents an idea that makes me swell with excitement, inspiration, and awe.

@benniii, these videos are no different. in fact, a prime example.

I don’t have coding experience, so I’ll just be waiting patiently for this to go live, but I do have a 128 and a 64 grid and would be more than happy to test iterations in case you scale this beast down. I don’t know how many of us have 256’s, but I’d hazard to guess that you’ll see more 128’s than anything. for my own selfish purposes, I will offer the feedback that it’d be awesome to be able to use a second grid as the bottom rows. (edit: wrong emoji. :sweat_smile:)

very excited.

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thanks @dan_derks (: … well, if i find someone to help me with the basics, i’d be glad to make a 128 version. have thought about it in bed tonight and it should be very feasible.


I’d just like to say how amazing your work is! I as well have a 128 and would love to be hands on with you’re creation. It looks very inspirational. Great Job man!

thanks @K-scorpio… really kind of you.

Yes, wow, very impressive work! Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help.

just a heads up that i took inspiration from some features in this sequencer for a (hopefully very soon) upcoming WW alt firmware.

coding numerous phase-locked timers ends up being more complicated than i anticipated… ah.

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oh jee, what can i say! that really, really, really makes me glad, @tehn! would like to say that that’s the least you should be getting out of your work, building that last 256 vari for me hihi :blush:

@jasonw22 thank you, too. very kind @cannc offered me some help for now. i’ll definitely keep you posted on any progress and quite probably bug you with questions.

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Very very nice! 128 version would be great!

Big up from Berlin!

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that’s fantastic !

I’m very picky about M4L devices that I actually keep around as new choices are inherent with every new device, and I love polyrhythmus!

This sequencer looks incredible! I own a monobright 128 and if theres any way it can be translated, i’d be happy to help in any way I can!

excellent work!!


hei guys,

i’ve started smoothing some stuff out with the very capable @cannc who’ll be helping me as for the grid management. i’ll definitely do my best to make a 128 version – it may how ever be, that the layout of it is a little “unconventional” (namely vertical – not horizontal as usual). we’ll see…

@Miskalicious + @i_morgendoerfer: thanks guys. really glad you like it (and polyrhythmus :)). as for the monobright: this will turn out pretty difficult. i had a monobright 256 when i started building the sequencer and sold it to get a 4-level vari cause i really needed these layers for all the functionalities.


Bloop :slight_smile:

Great to see the extensive work you’ve done with this, B.

My name’s Andreas, and I’ve had some long talks with benniii about timing and such. I was developing an abstraction system called Dawn and a lot of its features are integrated in this lovely… well, piece of art.

So yeah, I’d love to participate in any way helpful, if you guys will have my non-monome-having ass around :wink: We’re working towards a full release of the dawn.* suite hopefully in March.



hi andreas, great to have you. lines is not a monome club!

i’m glad to hear you’re working on this. while working through some ideas it occurred to me that this would make a great visual application-- to see overall graphs and relationships at once. the grid is great for performability, and the limitation of how much you see at once is a useful limitation. but i also think it’d be nice/pretty to see everything all at once.

if you’re interested in the code i came up with (quickly, don’t judge too harshly) it’s all on github now.

and welcome!

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Thanks for the warm welcome, tehn! Having a main overview is a great idea, heading over to github now.