FYI: new monome sequencer

I’m very picky about M4L devices that I actually keep around as new choices are inherent with every new device, and I love polyrhythmus!

This sequencer looks incredible! I own a monobright 128 and if theres any way it can be translated, i’d be happy to help in any way I can!

excellent work!!


hei guys,

i’ve started smoothing some stuff out with the very capable @cannc who’ll be helping me as for the grid management. i’ll definitely do my best to make a 128 version – it may how ever be, that the layout of it is a little “unconventional” (namely vertical – not horizontal as usual). we’ll see…

@Miskalicious + @i_morgendoerfer: thanks guys. really glad you like it (and polyrhythmus :)). as for the monobright: this will turn out pretty difficult. i had a monobright 256 when i started building the sequencer and sold it to get a 4-level vari cause i really needed these layers for all the functionalities.


Bloop :slight_smile:

Great to see the extensive work you’ve done with this, B.

My name’s Andreas, and I’ve had some long talks with benniii about timing and such. I was developing an abstraction system called Dawn and a lot of its features are integrated in this lovely… well, piece of art.

So yeah, I’d love to participate in any way helpful, if you guys will have my non-monome-having ass around :wink: We’re working towards a full release of the dawn.* suite hopefully in March.



hi andreas, great to have you. lines is not a monome club!

i’m glad to hear you’re working on this. while working through some ideas it occurred to me that this would make a great visual application-- to see overall graphs and relationships at once. the grid is great for performability, and the limitation of how much you see at once is a useful limitation. but i also think it’d be nice/pretty to see everything all at once.

if you’re interested in the code i came up with (quickly, don’t judge too harshly) it’s all on github now.

and welcome!

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Thanks for the warm welcome, tehn! Having a main overview is a great idea, heading over to github now.

quick update:

after completely rewriting the sequencer and then adding some new & fun stuff to it, it is now nearly finished and i have started to work on a version for the monome 128 (thank you @tehn). looking forward to share it here hopefully soon!


@benniii – holy hell. that demo was both mystifying insanely exciting. incredible work, thank you for building such a cool cool cool thing.


Very very cool stuff. Looking forward to the 128 version!!


absolutely gorgeous. can’t wait for a 128 version. i have no idea how you’re sequencing that 4-track, and i’m about to go down a deep internet abyss trying to figure it out. nice work.


hehe (: thanks buddy… we’ll – i’m pretty much cheating on the tape-sequencing (it’s not done “mechanically”). there’s not much more to it then routing the tape-loop through max -> gating the signal and pitching it in polyphony via a [poly~] object. i’ve found quite some while ago that i very very much like the sound that this digital pitching produces. i’m using max’s [gizmo~] for this.


i have overlooked this app

it’s shockingly good
stunning really

i love everything about your demos too


Bookmarked! Thrilled to hear of anything anything which might have transcended over the past month or so. The euclidian m4l device was such a positive thing (oh the colors!) when that came. My first introduction to anything euclidian really.

This got me curious - did this plant a seed for Kria?

some features of this crept into an existing sequencer i was working on. so influenced certainly!


wow, i saw the youtube video, but didn’t know this had been posted yet. looks great @benniii can’t wait to try it!