dear folks,
just thought i’d drop this video here. have been writing a small (m4l-)device that does some fun sequencing. it’s nothing big or terrific, but maybe you too enjoy it’s approach.

RICHTUNGEN – a directional approach towards counterpoint


This is very nice! Will you share it?

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thank you @kza :slight_smile: … i hope so, yes. will keep you posted here.


love the aesthetics, fantastic work!!

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really cool! i like it a lot! its very nice! 20 characters of enthusiasm!!

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I’m not that much of a sequencer person but that is pretty cool. I really like the way you’ve done the direction setting in the interface.

Fantastic concept. A mix between PacMan & René.

Very nice. The interface is beautiful!

Wow, very beautiful indeed - like a marriage of rené and kria. Very nice and intuitive interface and magical creative features. I would love to play with it too…maybe map some midi encoders like the kenton to chosen direction points for varying the melodic evolution by hand…


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really gorgeous, beautiful interface. great work. please post it when you can!

So great!

Do remember (or have you seen) electroplankton?

One of the pages had a similar vibe. So fun

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