Ganders - EP1

It’s taken me a while to learn that all the artists I admire or have admired have almost certainly released music that they look back on, and realise they have grown since.

I’m constantly comparing my output with their latest releases, and it’s sometimes hard to remind myself that people like Four Tet, Oneohtrix Point Never, Jamie XX etc. have all been making music consistently for a decade or more, and comparing to them isn’t a healthy thing to do.

Anyway, for the first time, I’ve made something which I can listen back to, and enjoy! I made most of the songs by starting with a sample I like ( thankyou :wink: ) and gradually building on them in a way I hope is complementary. I used Norns, Digitakt, my modular synth, and Ableton.

I hope you enjoy! :slight_smile:


This is great - lovely work.


Truly beautiful, each track holding such ‘empathic’ detail(not sure how else to describe it… you created this with an extreme depth of feeling, hits the heart nicely), from start to finish :raised_hands: Thank You for this.


Thanks so much @rajaTheResidentAlien and @danbond :smiley: I really appreciate it

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These songs are great! This is phenomenal for a first release. The compositions themselves are excellent and the production is fantastic. Really nice work!


i’m glad you added this bit because i think it coloured my perception of the tunes while listening

your work compares more favorably than you might realize
the 1st track is especially good


Haha, yes, I confess, Kieran is a big influence - I find his music very inspiring. If you’ve not heard Jamie Lidell’s interview with him, I highly recommend it.

@Zeke_B & @glia Thanks for the kind words :pray: :star_struck:


adding this to my list for the week. cover art is very nice :ok_hand:t2: