GAS - gear acquisition syndrome & related discussion

Absolutely more than 20 characters.

This might be delusional, but I don’t consciously count monome products toward gas, EVER. Separate category entirely.

I feel I t’s my duty to obtain and practice on their (and mannequins’) instruments as a good musician and human being, not a consumer impulse.

Is that just the best marketing? Or the very best products…


In a sense I have GAS, but I’ve never been one to hoard gear and I’ve found that a somewhat minimal set-up works best for me. It’s just that over the last couple years I have bought, sold, and traded a lot of gear.

I always saw it as a way to figure out what worked for me. When making electronic music I find that the tools you use have affect the type of music you make. Sometimes it takes time find what what enables you to express your musical voice.


I dodged a GAS bullet today. Set some musical goals that I need to achieve with existing gear before I invest in the new shiny thing. Training wheels before superbike, that kind of thing.


Some painful truths in this post…
off to check out how shiny the Cirklon/Strymon are :wink:

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I was doing so well… Then I saw some super-cheap Doepfer gear…


we’re lying to ourselves

it does feel good but, make no mistake, the way we feel about monome euro/grid/arc & the WR mannequins system definitely fits the symptoms of gas


I guess I distinguish between GAS and strategic buying in that the former is more indiscriminate. But yes, I’ll admit that it’s the same old feelings that get me right in the giblets when the new hotness arrives on the market - the exception being I feel less guilty when it’s monome/wr mannequins. :slight_smile:


I love it when things come together, a system becomes complete, things just work. This is my downfall. The things beget more things. A new module or two leads to a new case or an expansion on my audio interface which means I need more cables. Now my desk is crowded so looking at furniture, racks, etc. Eventually I will realize that I forgot to record anything along the way and I’ll step back and start all over again.


'gear comes and goes at every level
if we make something we are proud of with the gear, while we have it- then we can say
'it was worth it! :slight_smile:


still, i think there is a slight distinction between “i want it because it looks cool / does something awesomely weird etc” and “i want it because it inspires me to think differently about making music”.

using Just Friends (and trying Just Type firmware) lately made me think about the latter, i’ve been considering setting up a case with just monome / whimsical and a few other bits to compliment, purely based on the philosophy behind the 2 lineups and their interaction. now i just need to get a second Just Friends and a Mangrove…


After furniture/racks, you start thinking about sheds or room additions…

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The Mannequins modules are an astounding system. As much as they are, as parts, brilliant, the sum of them is greater still than the parts.

Excepting the RIP, I’ve got a minimal complete Mannequins system, with the addition of a second Just Friends, and I am picking up my second Mangrove today.

The crazy thing is that I could see having even a third or fourth Just Friends. They’re that astonishing.

…and I have yet to even touch Teletype.


yeah, i love the concept behind Just Friends but it’s the synergy when combined with other whimsical and monome that is really exciting to me. and can’t wait to try Just Friends with 4ms SMR…


Actually, custom designing a shed or room addition might be the easier way to go. It seems more efficient to design the space I want from the ground up than constantly investing in shelves, stands, and racks that end up only working temporarily. I know this is crazy talk.

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It’s crazy talk that my wife and I have been engaging in lately. She wants more space for making art, I want more space for making music. This does not mean that we do not currently have space for these things. But but but MOAR. crazy

But part of the inspiration for it is the fact that it can be tough to be creative in a cluttered environment at times. The chaos gets distracting.


you’ll love it

two tracks on the album I just posted are teletype and JF pinging a 3sis + SMR feedback loop
each came out with drastically different results


have you tried running all 6 outputs from JF into SMR level CVs? i think this kind of patch should really show the brilliance of having 6 related mod sources… and i also want to run JF in sound mode through SMR.

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i’m a loser and already got rid of the smr prior to testing that : (

i almost did, didn’t connect with it, but happy now i didn’t. strangely, same thing with 3 sisters - it just didn’t work for me but kept it and now think it will shine when used with JF as well.