GAS haiku thread



don’t buy helmet-cam!
longboarding is dangerous,
just practice stopping.

Gas - gear acquisition syndrome discussion?
Things to try... Strategies from others to shake up your modular workflow
FM synthesis

He stopped with pedals
But his harddrive filled quickly
With a software hoard


everything or
nothing it’s all the same when
you are six feet down


roger linn has my
wallet in his sights but my
will is good, for now


The new ROLI Blocks
Incredible potential
For iOS though


@trickyflemming is
reading my mind and he is
not helping at all


Resisting any urge
Morale is high, future bright
Escape key, it breaks


So I asked my friend
"Why do you have five capos?"
“The rest are at Mom’s.”


I ask for advice
"never enough vcas"
use what you’ve got


modular synthses
attack sustain releases
all my cash flowses


Elektron machines
and O-P-1 team up to
enable my dreams


Sold my OP-1.
Next day, a new Monome patch
Confirmed my focus.


an infinite void
assume a rip in spacetime
just modular grid


cigler tutorials
and music unwritten
mount tam is unchanged


so many new toys
endless possibility
why can’t i focus


Buying so many synths
Fiddling every day with the knobs
Best just play guitar


those sirens call sometimes
is better left unanswered
how to resist though


The one question i always ask myself
Before buying another new shiny thing
(Ohh well, never mind, I see I already payed)


from fourteen-hundred
sold the rack down to four-hundred
more fuel for gas again


knobs piezo bananas
components circuit boards sassafras
oh peter fuels my gas