GAS haiku thread



don’t need Mysteron
but, Klangfarbenmelodie!
greener grass, i think


no space left on rails
modular GAS settles down
here come the pedals!


depth year commitment
norns fever e’er approaches
shiny shiny norns


If I buy a kit
To improve my soldering
Does that count as gas


GAS backward is SAG
Sell All Gear feels like freedom
to buy other stuff

(Based on a true story.)


Diving in headfirst
To Monome ecosystem


LOL, so close to home


a GAS haibun

once a long time ago I thought myself capable of restraint, lived a somewhat monastic lifestyle. each day consisted of routine: sweep the floors, eat a meal with others, perform labor, eat a meal with others, perform more labor, eat a meal alone. then I would take the time to look into my very own mind, and it sprawled darkly but sweet, my mind took me the places my routine could never. it sated and it never ceased. but that life ended when I returned to my home country, when I returned to an lifestyle built on interruption and distraction, when I kept turning to the outside to replicate the depth that was now eluding me from within. no matter how much or what kind I spent, leaping toward the types of fascination that caught me, there was never the gratifying taper or end to my search, there was only a glut, there was always a starving.

trees branch to the sun
like a hand to snarling dog
my learning does not learn


TWEEEET technical foul:
spurious apostrophe
five yard penalty


Trying to sell stuff
To finance a new nice grid
Full on Ebay blues


so I bought a norns
whoops! I am out of my depth
distraction; freedom

bonus palindrome:
red, ill, ocre pus: supercollider


one down, two to go.
buying things makes lust easy,
patience difficult.


The syllable counts
Are wildly variant and
Hurt me (no shade meant)


The gauntlet is thrown
Whom do you wish to challenge?
Yams demands honor


five seven and five
you probably saw that I


Sir Sweet Potato
Official communiques
Address me this way


My miscount quota
Surpassed max capacity
Prior to noting yours


Yo this fool yamo
Tryna pick fights like he’s not
Fragile, fallable


for Zellersasn
oh my god

this video is,
I swear to sweet Jesus Christ,
inducing my GAS


that FM glock patch
rings so prettily that I
will make my own now