GAS haiku thread



Just bought first Monome
I’m an interloper, but
I really love llllllll


'As she and a friend took a walk after the workshop, grass cuttings stuck to her footwear and the haiku came to her:

Freshly mown grass
clinging to my shoes
my muddled thoughts

Her poem – a non-traditional form that does not follow the classic five-seven-five syllable pattern –


if only I could
get everything I wanted
this summer would rock


Boxed Mint condition
just used a handful of times
on to the next one


Plumbutter calling
Must sell any other gear
Blasser takes over


since norns has arrived
i find myself wanting for
a 128


It never mattered
Where QMMG was priced
I’m already in


y’all need help
i’m kidding, i’m kidding
me too


If I buy this thing
My masterpiece will follow
Distant laughter heard


apologies to James,
summer heat. frenetically—
the buying next time


true inspiration
comes from your two hands when you
clap them together


Direct message
Paypal: “You sent a payment”
Tracking code


“Do you have the box?”
PayPal: “You sent a payment!”
Retirement? Nah.


Oedipa settled
back, to await the buying
of lot forty-nine


Check expenditures
A horrifying amount
GAS evaporates

Yet still checking Trade
Reflexively, pointlessly
A sad hungry ghost


Echophon is here
20 HP space remains
A home for Erbe-Verb


Got my sequencer
Plaits has come at long long last
Gas all gone, for now


Being full, a case is
ever so expensive to
upgrade; GAS thwarted.


live suite monome grid
been trying to just make art
will these things help me?


lurking for new instruments
constantly takes away
my time and creativity


the monome, perhaps
but a max for live patch can
run in normal max