GAS haiku thread



Ableton Live is
even more than Max, the most
useful thing I own


Suddenly possessed
With the urge to sell my gear
And just mic my breath


Eurorack calling
You have enough of my cash
Hmmm do I need Plaits?


i hear everything
already there is enough
no need for more sounds


Tenori-On is
Digitech Death Metal’s
pale moon-lit mistress


Selling is almost
As addictive as buying
You want my modules


i’ve got a real job
my degree is in the mail
along with my norns


At least two people
spent six hundred dollars to-
day, because of me


If you give a mouse
a sequencer… she’s gonna
want more VCAs


not GAS per se but
just to say thank you @tehn, for
Kria. it’s wonderful.


owner of his rings,
my G.A.S. satisfied.
never shall I sell.


in the trade section
three sisters search for a home
maybe they’ll find mine?


delivery slip
time to go to post office
Klein bottle awaits


The zen is perfect
No modules can complete you
Turn it off and sleep


No new things for me
Focus on making music
Content with my lot


Five tracking numbers,
I make sure they don’t stray course,
I’m a good shepherd.


No matter the size
Cases always end up full
I hate hp golf


Why won’t someone make
a set of rails that expand
and contract to fit?


Do not buy something
First master the gear you have
Then you can expand


Yes that’s good advice
I will stick with what I have
Oh look new module!