GAS haiku thread



Such a great thread this
Red apple tree in winter
Full of joy and wisdom


I have too much shit
Trade does not solve the problem
But it’s like free stuff


To make great music
You need 3 chords, the truth, and
416 hp


After Black Friday
comes buyer’s remorse and the
toil known as Craigslist.


need to buy more toys
to fill the void in my soul
oh god so alone


why why why why why
why why why why why why why
why am i like this


Almost finished
Building new batch of modules
PCB sale fuck


Is it just me or
The black Endorphines look
Like they belong to my rack


imagining a
“dialectics” grid app
or “ontology”

or some way to seize
deep control of DSP
call it: “Marxism” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


yo, pinged a filter
put it through a low pass gate
some good ass B O N G O S


humbled by the gift
found in a trash pile


ok, that’s enough
taking it to the ‘too far’
time to make something


It’s still portable,
Look, see, * huff, grunt, pantpantpant *
It fits in my trunk!


just bought a system
“for tactile interaction”
opens VCV


Could not help myself
I bought two more mannequins
They were used, I’m weak


using mannequins
do you think of kim cattrall?
ok, just me then


Hermod is noisy
in my seven U case. Pod
twenty six, hello.


work flow might clunk less
if i could just stop looking
for less clunky gear

got it right here, just
not so immediately
as impatience asks


re-coding all code
in place of a eurorack
is called software gas


Christmastime passes
and a rack rearrangement
welcomes the new kit