GAS haiku thread



Has a new iPad
Satisfied my gas for an
Octatrack? We’ll see.


paid pre-orders taunt
back-ordered buyer’s remorse
clings to next best thing


As mid-february
Reminds me what cold feels like
Can I dream of spring?


Pedal order
delayed, again! Small retail.
Eyeing Thomann page …


Quest to find the need
Look a new module there!
Curse logics impede…


Modules I don’t need
fill gaps on ModularGrid -
so satisfying


Software is gear, too.
That’s GASAAS.
GAS as a service.


Priority Shipping


But I bought it through
the Trade section here on lines!
That can’t be GAS, right?


Four little grey knobs
I definitely don’t need
And yet so pretty


As early march comes,
Reluctant spring. and soon you
Come: another, mine


Oh my sequencer
Programs presets to recall.
What about improv?


It’s a Digitone.
I bought someone’s Digitone.
It’s great. Absolve me


Sending my friend my
old power supply and rails;
am I enabling?


to paraphrase Joyce,
“yes, I said yes, you are yes”
but more the merrier :wink:


Now Sisters is gone
Downsizing, could it mean? Of course not.
Now QPAS comes in


Oh my, did I just?
I just purchased three new things.
The GAS is strong again!


all orders arrived
no more gear on my wish list
…look, a BBD!


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Did you change your mind?
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Did you click Purchase?