GAS haiku thread



Even if a thing
Has become discontinued
You don’t now need it


the perfect synth is
as snow storm in desert as
heart with no regrets


I am so restrained
Dodged the RxMx GAS bullet
Crap, bought a Lyra


Dangerous feeling
Gave into GAS, so very
Utterly worth it


Tides is calling me
Oh Mutable Instruments
Oh yeah Marbles too


I love that your two haikus are in series :joy:


Custom case ordered,
My last modulargrid plan.
Oh wishful thinking…


The seller had both
But had sale pending for one
I wanted the pair

Then the buyer flaked
The seller had both again
My resistance failed


First post poetry
Iambic I don’t think so
Now where’s my NDLR!?


I’ve made a mistake
Watched some lovely videos
Of the Lyra-8


You can get it “cheap”
650, gear4music
Import that shiz holmes


Mother, maiden, crone
Godesses inspiring thought
Just bought a new Norns


Sometimes GAS is all
that keeps my ass showing up
to this crummy job


Modular Grid page
lovingly open beside
main work monitor


no new gear this year
cheap shared system on eBay
my resolve destroyed

(true story)


I really went off
the deep end this last week, all
the impulses won


It is obvious
that you buy stuff when you are
mostly unhappy …


no more money
eurorack is a full time job
no more time


Anxious; await
synth from another country.
Worth cost and hassle?


so venerable
the eight-year-old computer
time to retire it

new AMD chips
just over the horizon
I must save money