GAS haiku thread



You must remember
Seventeen syllables long
Does a Haiku make


Five syllables first
Seven syllables second
Five syllables third


Intellijel Rainmaker
Come to come to me me me
Echo jokes are funny


diodes white warm light
flung from few etched window gaps
why would I say no?


to grasp at the stream
in hopes of catching the moon
always brings sorrow


in the 'nick of time
rasquache halts my purchase
a finest hour


Here are your saved search
results. We hope this helps you find
what you’re looking for.


Refresh the web page;
is my Arc at EFN?
and again - refresh!


Get your degree now
Successful career online
Mom’s spaghetti (ugh)


shiny tiny, miney…
super sale, just inhale…
hocus, focus!


work work work work, sleep
musical interlude, sane
oh, need modules, work


Need to sell some gear
I want brand new shiny thing
Still empty inside


Same seven pages
Over and over again
I should leave the house


Microwave burger
Polish mayo onion beans
Rod’s in Amsterdam


never wanted maths
wilson analog delay
seemed more fit for warps


Do we really need
Another set of buttons
These ones light up… ooo.


butter 20 chars
dual? :thinking:


I don’t need more synths,
To fulfil my bleepy dreams,
Look! Video synths!


Is it depression?
Or am I a musician?
A study says both.



I love this thread, guys
I hope it lasts a long time
I suspect it won’t