GAS haiku thread



a good cure for gas
is to think of the old you.
you made more with less


Yes, the ukule-
le is too long for haiku
but it’s all I need.


beige paint and cheap art
the room I spend most my days
blinking lights at night


at what point is a
modular system complete?
when you press RECORD


Damn those vsts
Did I buy that plugin drunk?
Do not drink and DAW



Sold the shiny thing
To buy the new shiny thing
Want shiny thing back


That’s always the way
We are never contented


its in stock again
where the hell is my wallet
dang, i have a kid


i’m loving this thread
about gear acquisition
syndrome (i.e., GAS)


a sale to make is
for a new purchase I make
without purpose, made


circuit pit is deep
should just learn harmonica
who am I kidding?


More spending my cash
Less making beautiful sounds
Blank canvas scares me

I need proper tools
To create my masterpiece
Anything to distract


too many snare drums
plague the laptop studio
but zero hp


Trying to make an Haiku
End up with a few words
And a lot of gear


it is only now
i notice that i’m not sure
how moleskine is said


Oh my god, what’s that?
So many buttons and lights!
Want! (What does it do?)


another volca
wary, the midlife crisis
modular jump’s next


every new piece
however blinky, small, large
will complicate things


in the name of new music
is justified right?