GAS haiku thread



So many haikus.
Clearly a lot of problems.
Why so unhappy?


GAS haiku
Ohhhhh! Now I know what that means
Thank you disquiet!


Quiet, busy life…
Turn on the modular synth
Noise! Quiet again.

(Tip of the hat to Basho)


Would it benefit this thread
Is someone came up with
An haiku making machine?



Any non-zero
value in trigger inlet
will trigger an envelope with that


A floating-point
value specifies initial
values for attack


Draw or store a set
of x, y points as floating


(the last three are max patching haiku’s :))


sometimes, just sometimes
is that new instrument worth
the trouble it brings


bliep bliep blieep blop bliep
ssshwwwooshh swwooohhs tic tic tic blooep bliep
learning modular


Laughed so hard

Like, twenty characters hard


After Teletype,
Reaktor, and Pure Data,
Of COURSE i’ll learn Max


Your Space Echo’s rad
Unsubsidized student loans
I just bought two…OOPS

(True story btw)


Weirdly, makes no sense
I am strangely sated now
Nothing much to buy


three sis now
why sold my cold mac?
GAS it is


can’t have too many
VCAs or LFOs
logic, envelopes


Necrobump the thread
I miss the gas poetry
Keep it coming folks


could it be, running
out of gas? perfection near?
or just time to save


every instrument
I say what I need to say
sonic purity