GAS haiku thread



sold gear to get here
without the tools for vision
GAS, a solution?


How have I never
owned a real deal guitar amp?
Shouldn’t I fix that?


bank account horror
looking at modular grid
what am I doing?


jason fuels my wife’s,
goat acquisition syndrome,
with joy in pictures


I have what I need
The want of things is habit
Stop it make music


I sold so much stuff,
to free my mind and OH LOOK
A Tenori-on.


OP-1 got sold
Save that money for later
Oops, new synth today


no electronic
synthesizer has a sound
as true as your voice


teen angelic voice
gave way to post-pubescent
smoking, loss of range


Bandsintown alert!
My gear pursuit, stymied by
The tickets I bought


A tenori on
I sold to buy a tetr4
Which I sold to buy…


the really good gear
costs more than I want to spend
I’ll just make some noise


No more buying stuff
Still have controllers to build
Soldering practice


been lurking over
all those Alephs in trade i
hear sea sounds away


a bad carpenter
is the one who blames their tools
for bad carpentry


sell all gear that sits
spend time, money remains false
live to make music


don’t need a new case
practice more with the old case
plenty VCA’s


the studio is an
altar. do not upset the
delicate balance


new thing new thing new
thing new thing new thing new thing
new thing new thing… yes!


Should I
Just sell everything
And get a tuba?