GAS haiku thread



lol so sry
y’all try not to want the thang
sold it anyhow (๑╹ڡ╹)╭ ~ :heart:


spare modules unplugged
silently gathering dust
trees smile and sing on


Where is the old me
who said to himself: No more!
Is he lost patching?


waiting for the bus
those bastl boxes look cool
order on my phone?


Gear acquisition
Shopping with eyes on the price
Never the value


built the ideal skiff
nothing further is re- oh!
hello morphagene


a grid and arc short
my wife has seen the pricetag
test couch for comfort


The graffito I’ll
not forget: “The urge to buy
terrorizes you!”


I’ve had so much fun
with free Pure Data synths and
programming in ChucK.

Still… you’ll have to pry
my Tocante Bistab from
my cold dead fingers.


Vox have just made a
Tiny fifty watt amp head
It has nano tubes


Octatrack in stock
One left so tension follows
Arrives on Tuesday


Got all I need now
And also some more to do
September release


I cherish new things
But the dust on my old things
Serves as my conscience


a feather duster is
a necessary tool to
keep your conscience clean



o, impulsiveness
what have you led me to now?
secondhand earthsea


sold everything I have
the tuba is well tuned and polished
now I want a disklavier


What is gear compared
to feelings and memories?
Gear is more stable


staring at a grid
will it unlock things? or will
it feed anxiety


Thoughts of D.I.Y…
A new creative hobby?
Or GAS in disguise


what about gear loss?
the Rings thread is a deep pit.
sold mine, want it back.