GAS haiku thread



same boat me
miss miss miss me rings
stop selling good old things


my GAS wants a norns
on this spring day, in the rain,
I might want one too


so much shiny gear
the sirens call from Berlin
I’m out of rack space


old things gone
new things come
some things same


often when I yearn
for new instruments or tools
I find I have them


What we expect is
oft not within an object
but within our thoughts


Good use of a seasonal reference.

Can any of these
Echo the stream before me?
Why even pretend?


Maybe I should sell
my OP-1: more moving
parts means more breakage.


I need a new case
7U Steel CV Bus
No Grayscale panels


no GAS, pruning much
what is norns? nothing real yet
GAS is upon me


If power is a
concern try intellijel
7u 104


Power is no concern
Everything here is Make Noise
Except my Monome Walk


vcvrack is
free, but when MIDI arrives
I’ll buy controllers


I sold mine too, Dan
I will replace with plaits
And 2hp pluck


sudden purchases
emboldens a search for truth;


norns is how the world
tells you its time to get your
priorities straight


doctor is calling

car is broken down again

norns be mine norns please


number two thousand

two hundred forty seven

order is confirmed


Ambient techno

Königsforst, Narkopop, Rausch

(Did I do it right?)


you did do it right
I appreciated it
twenty characters