GAS haiku thread



@tehn is typing again…
What is the new new NEW thing?



20hp in
Two rows, waiting to be filled
Erbe-Verb, Echophon


Xaoc Odessa
a day passes with no news!
what the hell, Nick Batt?


ansible and grid
that’s where my heart resides now
norns? perhaps one day


Aleph paired with Norns
Then add ER-301
Sound computer bliss.


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Xaoc Odessa
Twenty four hours, no news?
How cruel, superbooth…


planing new system
moving knobs to proper place
how to fill this gap?


endlessly checking
buy/sell/trade, llllllll trade, Craigslist
will improve music


Having a depth year,
only using what I have
but want list still grows

Has anyone sold (nearly) everything?

This site’s trade section
Has filled most of my small case
With used Make Noise stuff


willful obtuseness
kind of rubs me the wrong way
still want Morphagene


eight-hundred dollars
to help pay off student loans
now i have four knobs


have Maths, Pressure Points,
DPO, Wogglebug, Brains
I am not immune


but four knobs, also need
a grid? eight-hundered dollars
hope I get a job


stuck with writer’s block
all Mannequins, all Monome
will fix my problems


Beautiful night
Warm breeze and starlit sky remind
me: I need a grid.


Ooo intellijel
1u scope module looks nice
Superbooth makes gas


superbooth :dash: :dash:
superbooth :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash:
superbooth :dash: :dash:

(to the rythm of Gucci Gang)


You could have fit in an extra superbooth there.