GAS haiku thread



more modules, small case
i’m out of power headers
flying bus cable!


all things are fleeting
ModularGrid shows a way
plans are like water

five modules depart
Zadar, Odessa, Planar
and Warps in their place

there is room to breathe
what is empty may be filled
winter’s Clouds roll in


what if I buy all
Mannequins next they’re in stock
surely then I’ll stop


a 2hp blank
forgotten previously
nesting place for crows


I did pause buying
but window shopping sure does
eat a lot of time


Winters clouds roll in
Is that starthief’s cryptic tease?
Spider sense tingles


Fresh eBay coupon
I’m browsing furiously
but nothing tempts me


beta tester, they?
new dream of Xenakis—I
want. best sell the old?


no beta for me
on this one, at least not yet
a person can hope

didn’t have first Clouds
unsure about successor
options kept open


Thank you Mike! Shipping
address: Portland, Oregon
Well, now I’ve done that


Not sure whether to
flag. Thread strictly for haikus?
I can’t say for sure


“you could have fit in
an extra superbooth there.
twenty characters.”


An indebtedness
For your consideration
Forum ettiquette

(I know it’s not grammatically correct or including a seasonal reference but I’m pretty fucking drunk)


Dammit how can I
lust for modules when they’re not
on modulargrid


fucks with Königsforst
falls asleep to Narkopop
Wolfgang, what a name


paradox of choice
funds for multitudes of cwejman
everything is sold out


Teletype, Cold Mac
W/, Clouds 2: I have a lot
of waiting to do


Asheville in mid June
I am at Make Noise HQ
My money is gone


mute equipment threads
now GAS is mitigated
who am I fooling

watch youtube demos
tired and eyes are bloodshot
sleep or reverb pedals


shirts, socks, underwear
why does pre-trip shopping sug-
gest new gadgets, too?