a omnium-gatherum of norns ideas / single purpose scripts.

this is a collection of scripts I’ve generated during my musical journey with norns + SuperCollider. they are not quite “fully formed”, but all of them work well for their intended purpose. I continue to find these useful for my own learning and/or for a specific musical purpose.

current scripts:

  • br: sample-based noisy chaotic breakbeat created using the Breakcore UGen. (demo)
  • brbr: sample-based chaotic breakbeat engine using my sample engine + Task (possibly less noisy than br) (demo)
  • brbrbr: live-input breakcore engine (add fx maybe too?)
  • kalimba: a kalimba follower for Am-tuned kalimba

use these as-is. or play with them. change them. install them, delete them. break them. unbreak them. make them something else. make them your own. the lua scripts are all small (<100 lines) and straightforward. the engines may be interesting starting points or ending points for something.


  • norns


the code serves as documentation, and I can fill in the gaps by answering questions.



make sure to restart, as there are several engines here that require re-compiling.


Love the idea of this kind of collection! Excited to have a read through to learn some more. Thanks for sharing :pray:


This is great thanks. You’ve made writing scripts look accessible. I’m very keen to look at the kalimba follower.