Gear/Instrument Insurance

I’m wondering what people here do to protect their equipment. I’m part of an experimental music collective up in Burlington, VT and we are lucky enough to have a large studio space. Since a number of us share the room and it is also used for concerts/lessons/events/etc., one of our stipulations is that members need to have insurance on any personal gear they leave in the studio. Do most here assume coverage by home/renters insurance? What do you do for shows? Thanks, any direction or thoughts would be helpful.


Music equipment insurance isn’t actually that expensive, and it should cover the equipment wherever it’s at (on the road / at home / in the studio), natural disasters, theft, etc.

I also need to do it, it’s usually a yearly payment.

Some friends use these folks: but there are others people swear by.

Renters insurance generally leaves a lot of coverage gaps.

edit: I think my main psychological hurdle is inventorying everything :P, but I’m gonna regret waiting when I get robbed or flattened by an earthquake. IIRC a friend paid around ~$250 for 20-30k of stuff? Very roughly in that neighborhood.

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ours is covered by renters insurance

i tried to get the modular covered separately as a musical instrument but my provider didn’t buy that argument

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