Gechologic Gecho Loopsynth v2

For those of you who may not be familiar, this is the new version of the Gecho Loopsynth, with a whole bunch of extra features including MIDI out, CV (via 3.5mm jack), Micro-SD card slot, line in & line out… Actually, there’s loads of stuff, too much to mention here - Mario (the maker) has really hit it out of the park with this iteration - but if the video grabs your attention, then hop over to the production update page here:

And preorder here:

Video of Gecho v2 prototype hooked up to a Korg Volca FM

Prices depend on which of the five(!) options you choose, from DIY (various formats/prices) to ready-assembled (€198 - around $222/£172 - which includes the wooden case)…

Gadget Acquisition Syndrome, anyone? :rofl:

Disclaimer: I should add that I have no axe to grind here, no association with Mario/Gechologic other than owning one of the original Gechos and having a lot of fun with it…


I received my gecho v2 today. I’m trying to have it set up like in the video with midi out to norns. Anyone know the exact config menu settings used? I’m not seeing midi traffic coming from the gecho despite my attempts to change the settings accordingly. Thanks.

Hi @cliffemu

I’m afraid I’ve only ever used my Gecho as a standalone unit, no MIDI or anything, just audio out to headphones, so I can’t give you any useful answers :frowning:

It may be worth contacting Mario (the maker) directly - the one or two times I’ve emailed him, he’s been responsive and helpful - the gechologic website ( gives two addresses:

Any enquiries, please write to: gechologic at gmail dot com or alternatively, info at gechologic dot com

Please do keep us updated on your progress!

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Turns out the USB power matters for triggering MIDI properly, so we figured that out!

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Aha! Progress - of a sort!

I thought the chord function acted more like a resonator but I’m having trouble getting it to respond as I would expect. Like if I send midi out for the notes to a synth, and then back in for the resonator, the synth notes overpower the resonator. It seems to work better using the mics and a speaker for a feedback loop, but that isn’t easily controllable. Regardless, this thing is probably worth it for the Dekrispator channel alone :slight_smile:

I’m on the verge of buying one, but I wonder what its weaknesses are. Anything really annoying that I should know about?

just think about exactly how you plan to use it before you buy it. It is primarily an ambient delay machine. The tiny mics easily pick up all kinds of sounds from the room to feed the delays (can be disabled). It has a cool chord generator that outputs on MIDI. When you put headphones on and have everything in the room delaying and play the distance sensors to bring the chords in and out and modulate the delay times it gets realllly trippy! Just wish the chords were more than just sine waves but look at all the BoC tracks that are just led by thick sine waves :slight_smile: