this is an album of generations - i.e. most of the album is composed of art/music/text that was “generated” from code.

track titles are generated using a program I started writing when I was 12 called “Band Name generator” (pleasantly surprised to find that a Java program written over 20 years ago still works well).

the album artwork is generated using a program I wrote in Processing that generates blended circles (much like the iconography of oooooo on norns).

both the track titles and album artwork are updated every 10 minutes using some node code (with playwright).

the 16 songs on this album is a subset of the hundred+ songs that I generated. each song was generated from a chord progression. the chord progression was input to a program (oooooo/acrostic on norns) which generates melody and harmonies. the same program then sequences the make noise strega (the only sound source on the album) which has musical circuitry to create all the sound pitches and timbres. sometimes I fiddle with the knobs on the strega, sometimes I just leave the whole thing patched together around its LFO. the sounds are then fed back into the program (i.e. “softcut” on norns) which overlays and overdubs the generated melodies. the end result is usually unpredictable and surprising. I personally love the sound - its like a distorted symphony.

“generating” art through code has always been a fascination of mine (maybe this is obvious based on my other albums and norns scripts I’ve written). its quite a challenge for me to the exact right software and right instrumentation that provides a constant well of music that I really enjoy. this album is an iteration on it that I really enjoy (I’ve loved listening to 100+ of these generated songs while recording them). in the future I plan on exploring this further - I have some ideas about writing code that writes code that searches musical space for “movements” instead of just progressions.

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click for codes 2f2w-wfc2 aalq-ha4c 7jsm-u2hx xb47-jhmp hasx-yey2 qfjs-7u2h fwbs-5vxv whvc-38e8 eqbq-cnf2 grxf-wajh 2xcv-cb85 dej7-xcuf p8fd-ewam h78p-v53e hwnb-yrdu jsam-bl4p f4f9-xme2 mcdu-egrc bj4v-ubhx wfcr-jxmp cahd-y5y2 p7ec-uf2h rw74-eqxv ds54-3te8 ufux-c7s2 v5wj-xehc 78p8-e3pw lnf2-3wus 45aw-x4al c79q-jp3e cl2f-y2du esmv-bh4p rhr6-xje2 acx2-eyrc rpca-u3hx xqjb-xsnf jgbl-es5m fux4-ud2g mlej-elwu 9p67-3ecp 37nd-cus2 5mdp-x5hc b8qg-5rpw durn-bsus s5ml-xlal sr8j-ja3e 7lfh-5jlv xc5s-byp8 qj7p-wu72 9fwb-wpqh ndhm-crg5 wjef-xdnf eg7x-ed5m b2wh-uc2g axpp-ehwu 8e9r-35cp 2r2w-wfs2 v4ln-e8bc 7esm-u24x l747-jlvp 4msx-yet2 qrjs-773h bxbs-5vlv wcvc-38p8 epbq-cf72 8fxf-waqh 2wcv-c2g5 xu7u-3cns hmmd-hh5l hb8p-v52e 4xnb-g3wu q4am-b4hp fsf9-xmp2 5hdu-etbc be4v-ub4x wrcr-jhvp smhd-y5t2 pbec-7u3h vxjq-e4du 6qgf-3asp urux-cnc2 mvwj-xe4c f9p8-ebew l2f2-3wns cvaw-hx5l cb9q-jp2e cd2f-yrwu p4mv-blhp rcr6-xjp2 67xr-cejh ulca-w385 xpjb-hwuf q6bl-esam f3x4-us3g mdej-eldu gq67-3esp 3bnd-c7c2 5adp-x54c

I just finished my first listen a few minutes ago. I enjoyed this A LOT. This is really great stuff. Congrats on the release!

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Thank you! I used qrjs-773h.

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thanks so much! axpp-ehwu :pray: :space_invader:

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thank you so much. I find it difficult to put into words how exciting and inspiring your work in code, in teaching and in music is, I feel grateful to be able to experience it in real time.

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i love album art and description of your process

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Wonderful, thanks much for sharing!

EDIT: eg7x-ed5m

P.S. @infinitedigits, please, can you tell a bit more about the distorted bunny painting on your bandcamp site?

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Thank you, I used 4xnb-g3wu

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This part is inspired! Thank you for the release!

I used this code: aalq-ha4c

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A masterclass in soft-distortion, was blissed out of my gourd on the way home from work with this. Really really lovely.

I snagged v5wj-xehc thanks!


thanks for the kind comments! I’m glad it is being enjoyed. this is one of those pieces of art that I made because I love it and I’m glad its finding others that like it too.

thanks that’s really very very kind! if anything I feel like my energy is a growth of the excitement and inspiration from so many people so I’m always glad to try to pay it forward to others in some form or other! along those lines - all the code I linked above is free to use if you want to hack on any of it.

yes! the bunny is from a photo from graffiti in a tunnel that I did one of those “neural AI transfers” to convert the photo to a painting. I don’t know the name of the artist who originally painted it. but if you are ever in Seattle, you gotta check out the pedestrian part of the Mt Baker Tunnel which homes some constantly changing and fantastic street art. its on my running route and love seeing things in it. here’s a recent one I saw:



I bypassed the generous free download code and happily paid over the asking price as a thank you for everything you’ve given to the Norns community.

Infinitely inspiring.


Thank you for sharing, really looking forward to giving it a listen!

Used l747-jlvp :purple_heart:

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I’m very excited to listen to this!
I used code fux4-ud2g.

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Just listening now. Lovely soundscapes. Bravo! xpjb-hwuf

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thanks everyone for the kind words. :heart:

here is a little behind-the-scenes footage of recording the album. each track was recorded just with strega + norns (+ a big sky reverb - forgot to mention that). most of the movement comes from the oooooo using softcut with beat-synced lfos in the pan and volume and also the sequencing of a “solo” voice in strega that can be manipulated in real-time.

here is a video of me recording the first song on the album. in this video you’ll see each layer being sampled, one at a time, with slight modifications to the lfo.

and here is the last song on the album. in this video the six layers have already been sampled into the script, and I’m merely enjoying the oscillations of their pan/volume + manipulating the lead voice in very small ways.

for the most part though, the music generates itself and needs only a little interaction. there are small movements - but they are mostly just interactions between volume lfos.


Beautiful insight.

I’m a little bummed though…

Because now I want Strega :cry:

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Perfect for bandcamp friday :P. I enjoy the ambience, well done Sir.
Now, where can we get that variant of oooooo? :wink:

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This is brilliant! Looking forward to sitting down with the full release, and the insight into the process is wonderful.

Used code: 5adp-x54c

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@infinitedigits Thank you for generously sharing your work. I am very interested in algorithmic art. All the best and many creative ideas.

I used code cb9q-jp2e

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