Generative video synth/patches?

stumbled on this last night:

it seems really interesting, especially as a companion to generative music live, but this doesn’t have a sellable module. I also think this can be done in Max or M4L.

anybody have other good examples of generative video / video synths? any patches you have made or know of that could do the same as this or as Critter and Guitari’s Video Scope?


Max has Vizzie

and Jitter

LZX Industries has many eurorack video modules

Sound Machines has a module for controlling DMX (lighting, etc)

Edit: but I must say, this section of the monome app catalog is a bit thin:

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that guy is rad

he floats around on muffwiggler occasionally and is apparently up to revision 9 on this thing

i wish it was available for sale…emailed him a while ago to make me a one off machine with new features but it wasnt making financial sense for either of us so we just moved on to other stuff (i’m focused on audio for now)

anyway here are two things which relate to the discussion


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