Getting a Monome 64 in 2018?

Hey everybody! I have a simple question that I believe some of you more experienced Monome users may have a good answer to.

I recently came across a Monome 64 for sale here in Brazil for a really good price (which is quite a rare occurrence) and I’m thinking about getting it however there one thing that worries me: Is it still worth to get the 64 these days or should I just save some money and grab the new model next time I go to the US?

I’m aware that most of the new apps are being designed for the larger models however I plan on using it for my own scripts / apps so that wouldn’t be an issue for me.
My question is mostly related to the tech side of things. Are there any downsides from a technical point of view related to the 64? Maybe some conflicts related to new OSes or something? Any major benefits of getting the new Grid instead (from this technical / programming point of view)?

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I have a greyscale 64 I got used, and I am coding my own stuff for it. I haven’t encountered any OS issues that haven’t been addressed and fixed here on the forum. The only thing I would look into is whether or not the one you’re looking at is varibright – many apps use it, and mine doesn’t have it. Which is fine, I work around it, but it’s a nice feature.


I’m not cool enough to make my own scripst/apps yet, but I managed to make my walnut 64 an indispensable tool that influences my music in a unique way. Slowly making it more practical to myself out of shear effort has been like a really fun puzzle. I use old apps that other people made and ableton. If you can afford it and have time to fiddle around, then I welcome you to the club!

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I use my 64 with The Party Van all the time which I think on Its own give the 64 value enough!