Getting Started with Orca and Hydra Online Workshop: Saturday, May 2nd, 5pm GMT

I’m excited to share a workshop North Coast Modular Collective is holding in partnership with Ann Arbor makerspace, All Hands Active.

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About This Webinar

Using Orca and Hydra, this workshop will walk participants step by step through building their own computer programs for creating improvised sound and animations.

Hosted by non-profits All Hands Active and North Coast Modular Collective.

Suggested $20 donation.

All proceeds will be split equally between AHA and NCMC.


MacOS/Windows/Linux (not a Chromebook)

Install the following prior to workshop:


James Kruth (Board of Directors at All Hands Active)

  • James is very interested in esoteric and unlikely ways to make and perform music, especially when they involve old computers and game consoles. He discovered Orca a year ago and since then it has become a minor obsession. He has a long term goal to perform electronic music for a larger audience than just the rubber duck sitting on his desk.

David Minnix (Core Organizer at North Coast Modular Collective)

  • David is a musician and software developer making music and tools for creating art, and one of the organizers of North Coast Modular Collective. He loves old hardware drum machines and synthesizers, braindance techno, and making art with algorithms. He is a big fan of the livecoding/algorave scene and thinks the whole thing is pretty punk rock. He likes to contribute to it when he can.

All Hands Active:

North Coast Modular Collective:





  • Session 1: Learn to use Orca, an esoteric live coding language that can control any MIDI device! (30-40 minutes)
  • Session 2: Learn how to quickly build up programs that make animation using Hydra! (30-40 minutes)
  • Session 3: Learn how to use Orca to control Hyrda (20-30 minutes)

This is a good idea!
How much experience with either of these platforms is necessary? I have a friend who codes, has played a little with hydra, and is interested in music but has never used an esoteric interface like Orca before.
Would this be something he’d be able to get into?

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@kriskeyser - I believe that this would be right up your friend’s alley. :slight_smile:

From what I understand, this’ll walk them through, step-by-step.


this is very cool, i’ve been looking for a way into orca. registered!

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Awesome, @adam! We’re looking forward to see you!

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Can I register and see it later?

Definitely, @AlessandroBonino!

Just make sure you do it before it goes live. We’ll record it. :slight_smile:


This would be great, since I cannot attend this time but would love to see the recording!

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Thanks! Registered!

@markel_m same here!


this was great, thanks @thynk!

already got orca hooked up to renoise, let the madness begin

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So glad you all could join us!

i’m sorry i missed this, will it be available archived for a fee?


Curious as well. Thanks.

@fourhoarder & @acajide - I’m sorry we missed you too!

There’s a chance that All Hands Active and North Coast Modular Collective might offer the livecoding workshop again.

Unfortunately, the archived video is only available to those who registered for the event.


Yes, please. Consider making the video public.

Was hoping to follow this today, but hadn’t registered in advance - please consider making it public as it would be a great resource - thanks!

Yes! I saw this too late to attend but I would love to be able to see this (and would be happy to donate somewhere to make it happen!)

Please consider to make it public, unfortunately I’ve seen it too late!

Likewise! Would love to watch the recording and came to this too late. Would be happy to donate too to help make it happen. Thanks!