GFX Sequencer

GFX Sequencer

graphical pattern based sequencer

little demo video on instagram: link

gfx-sequencer is a pattern based sequencer for the norns environment.

it consists of two modes: »musicbox« where the patterns are moving constantly upwards on the y axis and the top line will be converted into notes. since the display of a norns is 128x64 pixels the x-axis matches the available notes in midi range: 0-127. every bright pixel on that axis will be converted into its corresponding midi note.

in the second mode called »grid« a 64x64 grid is created which will be read from left to right or top to bottom. notes are defined via an editable sequence (8-64 steps).

this mode has two sub-modes. sub-mode a: in which the next note of the sequence will be played everytime a bright pixel is read from the pattern. this way patterns define the timing of the steps.

sub-mode b where the sequence will be repeated over every pixel of the length of the 64x64 pattern. this means in a 8 step sequence pixels 1-8 are step 1-8 and pixels 9-16 again are step 1-8. if a pixel is bright the corresponding note of the step sequence is played. therefore in this sub-mode patterns define which notes of a sequence are skipped or played.

gfx seq can produce sound on its own (it has a sc engine) but it was built to send midi data to a connected device or via osc. (max4live osc receiver is available on my GitHub page)


MIDI Device (Synth,etc.) (optional), OSC (optional)


a detailed documentation PDF can be found on my GitHub page.


to install type into maiden:


  • 2022-08-04: Added better MIDI support. You can now choose midi device and channel to send on in the EDIT menu.
  • 2022-08-25: Added support of START/STOP commands via MIDI

Congrats for the release! Looking forward to dig into this and, wow, what a beautiful manual!


thank you! curious how you like it and what you create with it :grinning:


This looks clever, useful and fun to experiment with. I can’t wait to try it out. Nice video demo! :heart_on_fire:

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Thanks! I can’t wait to see what people do with it. I definitely had fun making it. Hope it inspires and brings joy to others. :grinning:

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Thank you for this visually stunning script. I tried it out and have a question: how do you select the midi device? I just see an option to turn midi out on but none to select the device.

Thanks for your comment! By default midi data is send to midi device 1 (as listed under “system/devices/midi” in norns menu). set the device you want to send midi to on the first position. alternatively you can edit the scripts code at line 33 and change midi.connect(1) to the number your desired midi device is listed at. Hope that solves your problem!

I’m a noob and spent ages trying to figure out how to install this script. Today I learned that you can’t just drop the files into Norns’ code directory via SSH. Eventually I snapped out of my daze and typed this into Matron:


this is such a cool script and it looks AMAZING!

ran it on two norns with oooooo on a third.
using both the internal sound and having them control an Access Virus B and a Kasser Synths YM2151.
additional noiz from a PULSAR-23 and the Double Knot v3.

@deeg_deeg_deeg i think something is a bit wonky with the MIDI start/stop.

if i hit play on my sequencer (Cirklon) everyone plays along.
(but of course the norns script is already running.)
when i hit stop…GFX Sequencer might keep playing.
when i hit play again on the Cirklon then GFX Sequencer stops.

i did get everything to play by starting and stopping a few times or hitting the play button on the Cirklon a second time.
it was very hit or miss.

also…a request…
would it be possible to get a bit more MIDI info on the parameters page?
similar to some of the other scripts that display the connected MIDI device, let you choose the MIDI device and the channel? :slight_smile:


thank you @SPIKE for the kind words on my script! I’m glad it brings you some joy! :grinning:
and nice noises you have on your yt channel

I am not familiar with the Cirklon. Does it send midi messages to your norns and if yes what kind of messages? How is it connected to the norns? Do you map it to menu parameters? Knowing this would help me to figure out where the problem is located.

To be honest I am fairly new to programming for norns. So I am still lacking some skills and knowledge. Including the extended MIDI accessibility you are asking for. It is on my todo list and will be added in the future to the script. Just give me some time to figure it out… :grinning:


sorry to hear that @branch ! I thought this was common knowledge. I will include that info on how to install in future releases so new norns members don’t have to search for it. thanks!

@deeg_deeg_deeg, it probably is, which is why I referred to myself as a noob :wink:


it sends clock and can send every kind of MIDI message.

currently i have norns connected to MIDI with a Mio In Out device.
MIDI IN is from the Cirklon for clock and the MIDI out of norns is connected to an Access Virus B.

i started up the norns script MIDI-Monitor and saw it was receiving some extra note on and CC messages which it should ignore (but might be the culprit).

i muted all of the MIDI tracks on the Cirklon and saw that norns is only displaying and receiving START and STOP.

i unmuted the tracks and it’s displaying all of the incoming info but it’s all on other MIDI channels.

ok…muted all extra channels again and launched GFX Sequencer.

at startup it starts playing as normal.
when i hit play on the Cirklon…GFX stops.
stop the Cirklon = GFX starts again
if i quickly hit stop and then play then GFX will either start up or wait a bar or two and then start moving.

i hope that helps!

mmhhh… since my script isn’t handling any midi.start/midi.stop calls what I am suspecting is that (because midi is just always on in my script) the signal from the Cirklon is just a toggle signal. so it will switch the current state instead of setting it to “start” or “stop”. that would mean when you hit start on your Cirklon and hence the norns script is already running midi, it will toggle midi to off. I guess you don’t have that problem with other norns scripts? maybe you can name one that works so I can have a look what they made different. since I do not have a midi device that can send start/stop commands to test it.

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@XHG @SPIKE just updated the script. you now can select midi device and channel to send on in the EDIT menu. hope that helps!


not really.
also…i ALWAYS run all my norns with MIDI clock as the sync source.

ARCOLOGIES is a perfect example of MIDI Start/Stop in a script!

yeah…that must be it.

just ran the update! :stuck_out_tongue:
thank you so much for the MIDI features on the parameters page!


hi @SPIKE I have made some changes to the code and hopefully that should solve your start/stop problem. I saved it to an extra GitHub repository, because I have no device to send the midi start/stop signal and I didn’t want to mess up the code in the official version. Maybe you can download the updated file and replace it on your norns to test if that fixes the problem. (Sorry to bother you with that). File is here GitHub - deeg-deeg-deeg/gfx_test: testroom
just replace the same named file in the base folder of gfx-seq. cheers!


oh yeah!

that did it!
i even tried to break it by hitting start and stop quickly and it didn’t flinch! :stuck_out_tongue:

thank you!

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great to hear! I will implement it into the official version of gfx-seq. thanks for your testing :grinning:
have fun!

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:butterfly: It doesn’t have a thread (yet) but I was surfing the cyberwaves other day after release of GFX Sequencer and: much love for Chaos Operator too :butterfly:

Edit: CHAOS Operator reigns!