Giona Vinti - Ipostasi degli Arconti

Hello dear people at Lines, i have just released an e.p. of music composed by controlled improvisation on my modular rig.
the tracks are made live, in one take with just a touch of limiter on the master bus.
both revolve around the use of Benjolin, which is responsible for the sound (along with a Dpo), for part of the melodies and for clocking the whole system (vco b pulse out to tempi lead tempo in).
spatialization is provided by Magneto and Bigsky (in shimmer mode).

The tracks are inspired by one of the Gnostic Gospels found in the Nag Hammadi library, thinking about what kind of order comes out of Chaos and how Order and Chaos are opposed and intertwined in our universe and in our singular lives.

the artwork is also mine and is done by simple manipulations of 3d shapes in Inkscape (vector graphics, open source free app,very deep and inspiring imho).

i usually put a lot of free stuff on the internet but this time i’m inviting you to support my research in sound art by contributing 2 euros, which i think it’s pretty fair.

thanks for your attention, any feedback really welcome!