Extreme sound stretcher and harmoniser.

(Demo uses four samples kindly provided by @tehn in the norns default image under dust/audio/tehn - whirl1, whirl2, mancini1 and mancini2)


  • Stretch audio samples to the extreme, until they are almost frozen in time
  • Four separate audio buffers that can be manipulated
  • Add multi-octave harmonisation
  • Create movement and space with panning LFO
  • Based on Paulstretch algorithm

Hello everyone! I’ve been a lines reader for a while, but only recently created an account. Thanks for being so welcoming and open.

This is my attempt to bring Paulstretch to the Norns platform. I’ve added multiple voices, harmonisation, and panning LFOs to help create multi layered dynamic textures.

This is a first prototype and I’m keen to get feedback on the current set of functionality, and hear what others would like added. I’m also expecting some bugs to pop up!

This wouldn’t be possible without the amazing work of others. Reading through community code and messages here has taught me a tonne.

Particular thanks to:





Install through the community catalogue on Maiden (don’t forget to refresh)

Be sure to restart to make sure Glacial Engine is loaded.


Great demo, goosebump stuff! Really looking forward to playing with this!


Amazing! Thank you :v:

It’s not working for me though - blank screen on loading. Nothing shows in Maiden. I’ve restarted. Do I need any other engines?

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20 characters of brilliant! can’t wait to try …

As someone who recently spent an entire evening running bathtub sounds through paulstretch in audacity (and will be getting norms soon) I can say that this is very exciting :slight_smile:


This looks great! I used Paulstretch in Audacity on a couple of tracks recently and really like the effect, so I can definitely see a use for it in my Shields ‘library’. Thank you!

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this looks and sounds great! thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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This sounds really awesome so great work and thanks!
If I may suggest a possible future feature :wink: it would be to allow users to record input and assign it to slot in glacier itself as it would then fit really well into my overall workflow.


U yeah, it takes fast computers to play music really slow :mountain_snow:. The best visual for this is the screensaver :slight_smile:

While the real glaciers are melting, at least we now have this. I wish we could stretch their time as well with a turn of a knob. Or actually no i don’t wish that. I wish we didn’t turn the knobs which make them melt. Thanks for inspiring script and I wonder what are its potential futures.

I started imagining some slow pixel-sorting visualization for this based glacier photos.


Awesome! Thank you so much for this, big Paul Strech user, having this on Norns is a brillaint addition!

Looks great! Have very mixed feelings about paulstretch but definitely excited to play with it on Norns :slight_smile:

Oh yes, paulstretch can make anything sound good.

(PS: I’m sorry)


Beautiful stuff. Looks great.

@eigen At least you didn’t Rickroll us! :grin:


20 characters of yesssss!!!

I am obviously totally procrastinating but i livecoded a little OSC remote controller in Pd and Lua so that I don’t need to reach over. What a wonderful ambient script to listen while (not) working.

I noticed that the UI won’t update, and i am not sure what is the preferred way to do it… either a callback function on the parameters or a metro calling redraw() a every 0.1 seconds or something maybe.


Got it installed on lunch and looking forward to playing with it later! One quick note: when I launched the script, the first line of the instruction screen is cut off. Instead of “Load up to four samples in params menu” it said “Load up to four samples in pc” because it chopped everything off from the end of the first “a” in “params”.

I’m on a Fates, if that makes a difference and no one else is experiencing this. Super minor detail but wanted to let you know. This seems really freaking cool and I hadn’t heard of Paulstretch before this post, but it sounds like something I’m going to love. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Same on norns shield. I consider it to be a joke since this is all about stretching :slight_smile:


Hahaaaa! Okay, I get it… I’m on board :laughing:

really fun! thanks for making this.

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