Gleetchlab 4

After two years of promises, finally Gleetchlab 4 is out :slight_smile:

I really like it. It even supports VST effects. 4.1 will support MIDI and VST instruments (or so Giorgio Sancristoforo says).

Here’s the link:


It’s so pretty I don’t even feel like I have to use it to enjoy it ^^

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I actually think it’s pretty garish, but I’ve started using it (after reading the manual), and I think it’s getting me to do things I wouldn’t do without it. And they’re very very weird things. :smiley:


15 euros ? That’s a steal. Thanks for sharing.


It’s a fantastic piece of software, bought it when it came out and been fiddling with it a bit! Super nice :blush:


Gleetchlab 3 was amazing, i can only imagine 4 to be totally fantastic! thanks for sharing

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Does anybody have experience using gleetchlab on windows (through some emulator or so?)

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Hey all, anybody here have installer for Gleetchlab 4 please? I’m not getting on with X and would like to revert but all the links for 4 have now been removed. Thanks!

I don’t have it but Giorgio Sancristoforo is usually very responsive, so you might try to write directly to him.

I did try to contact Giorgio last week, but no reply

I usually contact him via Gleetchlab’s facebook page, and he usually responds within 1-2 days. Have you tried contacting him there?

I have not, but I have now. Thanks for the tip!

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