gli — 7rx

i’ve been listening and dancing to some of these at home and decided to let them go for other people to edit/loop/remix/sample however they want

these trax are also part of my self-education on diy mixing & mastering

as far as mood & expression
they’ve helped me process the past few months of emotional highs and lows

nothing special



tracks were made dec '22 - feb '23 and recorded at home with the following instruments: ableton live, fors opal, fors chiral, elektron analog rytm, madrona aalto, kentaro m4l suite, modular synth, and sounddevices mixpre10 m

track breakdown is as follows…
kimoyo seed & bead - edited rytm seq was the foundation
nasal cave - opal drums with synth stabs layered over em
magnet r - eurorack recording
foradex - flexing fors opal thru fx
muting [myself] - raw opal session

album cover - photo of TE field desk, which has been on my mind while i worked on these

feel free to ask questions beyond whats provided here


Thanks for sharing, @glia!
Always exciting to listen to something new from you.


excited to listen! i’ve been using opal for a couple of weeks now, really cool device. definitely interested to check out what you’ve done with it

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thanks everyone

i adjusted levels on a few songs (pushing the edge of saturated distortion)
if anybody feels i went too far, please, let me know

i have the old files and can re-up them or send you a copy

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Oooh these sound interesting, will give these a proper listen today while working on CV. It’ll keep me sane.

Happy to share/chat about mastering too. :black_heart:

Edit: ah nice using the Rytm too. First one yeah?

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thank you

yes i just got 2 months ago and i’m still finding my footing with rytm, specifically, but ALL elektron sequencers/interfaces as a whole

using opal on a bunch of these was part of my continued learning process in the same vein

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Not checked out Opal, super curious. Going to have to try it. Looks great.

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h hey glia, thankyou for the music
always happy to see you put sth out

iwas wondering

what is diy mastering for you?
what do you do to your mix before uploading?

this might differ for different material but im curios because i really like the picture i get when listening on bandcamp (obviously bec i like your soundpalette but also the general realm or frame)


thanks for the kind words about the music :slight_smile:

these are mostly drum heavy so overall i want to make the drum have presence, power and dynamics…how i accomplish that varies slightly by track but i use the same tools on everything

edit: i’ve recorded a brief video explaining my basic approach…feel free to ask additional questions

i like applying the term to what i do out of respect to real engineers but also as a means to connect my work to the long tradition of artists who don’t/can’t pay someone else to master audio for release

my favorite workflow is based on listening (rather than scopes/measurement), and for simplicity is possible to be completed in DAW or at least itb

my mixing style is woven into the track building process itself and i tend to stack delays, reverb, limiters, eq and compression to achieve the results i want (via trial and error…following intuitive choices)

on topic
i’m totally happy with how almost all the tracks sound except nasal cave and muting

cave is tolerable but sits a bit brighter than anything else on the ep
muting is too smashed or muddy to fully enjoy

i released em anyway cause i don’t think more time and energy poured into these sketches would significantly improve the results