Glia: Beatmaking Session

Hi everyone,

I’m excited to begin some streamed shows via bandcamp and hoped to show my gratitude with a free first event…but alas, you can’t host for free

Instead I’m able to add anybody who wants to attend to the guestlist! Just let me know if you wanna check it out.

This is the 1st of many (monthly?) shows, and has been prerecorded as a gift for friends and bandcamp subscribers


Looks like spools members get in automatically too, if anyone needed another reason to subscribe :slight_smile:


yeah i’m gonna do that for all events

i genuinely could not do what i do without the generous support of so many people

this will be fun!


Hope I’ll manage to sneak away to watch this tomorrow! Got my ticket :blush:

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final bump for those interested in todays’ event
set is roughly 30mins and i’ll try to chat throughout

if folks wanna talk after too i’ll probably have some time

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erp it’s saying it’s at 11cst/12est on my screen ---- might miss it then hmmm

yeah sorry
for west coast and midwest ppl this is lunacy

i’ll be trying more sensible set times in the future…the good news is you can watch the replay anytime within the next 24hrs


It’s mad how much we get for subscribing. So much choice music on the regular and now this :flushed:


constantly feel like the coolest kid on the block being a spools subscriber not once have i questioned it


i’m really glad you feel that way!

yeah i missed this cause west coast but would dig to get a link if you archive it.

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check your dm’s


so what are you using norns/grid for on this? it’s true, you do make the SP series look very appealing.

also, I keep reading this as “beatmaking season” which is a concept I love. “oh well better get the plow out…s’beat season.”

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all i’m doing with norns here is launching tracks from a folder with timber player, and later on, mixing audio from my opz

i’ll be honest though…it was a very basic norns setup which allowed me to quickly hack together a short playlist of existing tracks (similar to how i used the SP but i also did live warping on those loops and rhythms)

i’m planning to try more fingerdrumming and norns-centric stuff in my next show on the 25th