Glia & Matthewdavid - GLIAMD EP

this EP captures the first collaborative experiments of @matthewdavid and I…sonic fabric + texture designed & elaborated upon during quarantine 2020 via virtual file transfer

shoutout to francesco marello for the artwork and magnificent video + @youngest_brother for assisting with tape package design for the project!!


I never really imagined your two sounds colliding for some reason but it works soooo well. crazy to hear your textures mixed in w/ so much stereo action !

curious for any process insights from you & @matthewdavid :- )

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i won’t lie
for now we may want to just keep it mysterious

but since you gave me prosody i’ll admit that my end was crafted from a 2020 comfort zone (itb m4l games) which included your tools


my end is mostly glut script granular - source stuff = a field recording of a fire, some concrete abstractions previously rendered & mulched, a minor key loom script recorded to norns tape - - all thrown thru glut … … this was before i was knew about mangl script which utilizes same granular engine but has LFOs and other handy things the glut script doesnt have - but - at the time i was using the midi fighter and recording long passes of dramatic knob sweeps then sliding that over to jon to further process - i just let jon do his thing ! he even inadvertently ended up mixing down the three tracks : )


Two of my favorite artists made a tape? Yes please!


ha! nice

ok i should’ve just asked whether you wanted to tip cards…it’s funny cause we never really went into detail about methods while working on the songs

i think the beauty in these came from improv takes responding to (or thinking about) the other person

@andrew here’s a peak at my session files

and i’d map or mouse controls and params live to “play”
then use these in a typical mixing session


sooo cool !!! i was listening completely certain that it was jon -> md but the reverse is true

you both shine on the processing/sampling end and i feel like that comes out in the EP - like a rhythm feedback loop turned pure texture

@glia you’ve got exactly all the plugins i want when i get back to using ableton again


Amazing work, @glia. The tape design is also very beautiful, congratulations to you and @matthewdavid/Leaving Records.

Can I ask you about the LFO Cluster? Never heard about it, looks amazing.


Hey both – This sounds absolutely phenomenal!


Valeu @aeoner encontrei aqui … ele faz muitos efeitos q usei pra minha musica


this is SO juicy! what a wonderful collaboration :slight_smile:

thanks, to both of you, for your art.


: ) @shellfritsch perhaps we go dig back into that first improv park collab performance recording. . . . .


Happy to play a teensy role in this beautiful thing, great work @glia & @matthewdavid !


I love how squishy these sounds are. And the tonal stuff in the last track really ties it together. Great EP. Any benefit to the norns granular scripts vs VST options? Or just instrument of choice sort of thing?


Is this a question for MD?
Also, since I can never be sure, do you have norns yourself?

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I don’t have any questions or meaningful comments, but i wanted to say how much i’m enjoying this collaboration… i’ve listened to it a dozen times now.


I don’t, mostly Ableton based at the moment. Question is for whomever, just always curious on opinions about granular stuff as there’s so much variety. Source material seems to be more important than differences in software implementations though.

Also I’ll second @emenel, hopefully we see more collaboration here in the future!

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thank you both @emenel + @crunchydrums!

i’m not really well-versed in granular stuff but the glut engine, and scripts based on it, have a bit of a rough edge compared to softcut apps (which, for clarity, are not granular fx at all)

sometimes that digital grit adds a welcome textural element to the manipulated sounds!

i use both norns and ableton for music but since my favourite scripts on norns are softcut based samplers/loopers/delays…with no hesitation, i reach for ableton and the prosody suite (free m4l tools built w/ a port of softcut) just as often as the “real” thing


matthew uses graduator II in ableton in addition to glut, that would be a good one to check out. for drony stuff you can just send it single midi notes


i think benefit of glut granular engine for norns lies in its simplicity
+a bit of time 2become familiar with the few parameters… and voila! -
whereas in other software/vst/ableton/m4l granular devices (like simpler/sampler device in ableton, or the wonderfully dense granulator II m4l device) ifeel it would take quite a bit of creative effort & time to replicate or even stumble across the glut zone exactly?

also re glut: evolving and experimenting within the v.dope flux relationship between speed+density+size (only 3 params!) in glut - & experimenting w/ sources fed into the engine can wield wildness. . .