Glo the Polyphonic Whale

I saw this cutesy little device trawling the synth pages on Etsy. Anybody have any familiarity with it? On the hand, it produces some new age-y voicings that I’m not terribly interested in. Yet on some of the other videos on YouTube, its use in field recording applications are rather interesting.

It’s called Glo the Polyphonic Whale. I wonder if its cousin is Puff the Magic Dragon.


I believe that its functions have now been incorporated into v2 of the Gecho Loopsynth, which seems to do a bewilderingly random assortment of things: new age soundscapes, granular sampling, Dekrispator & MI Clouds synths, chord progressions, decaying reverb, drum sequencer, etc.


Yes, the Gecho is much more feature-rich. But there’s something to be said for the small size of Glo, along with the simplicity of 3 buttons. I find the tail, however, a little goofy.


I have a V2 gecho loopsynth and I have been really happy with it . It’s being opensourced soon according to Mario. It seems like a great little platform to develop on as well. And it runs clouds :slight_smile: