Glochids Scy1e Nurse Betty (East Coast Tour)

Weird Ear Presents: :Fantastic Voyage

Glochids Scy1e Nurse Betty


9/22 Root Cellar — Greenfield, MA

9/23 Apohadion — Portland, ME

9/24 Moon Villain — Boston, MA

9/25 Thee Eldritch — Providence, RI

9/26 The Vat — Philadelphia, PA

9/27 Secret Project Robot — NYC, NY

9/28 True Vine — Baltimore, MD

9/29 Anderson Gallery VCU — Richmond, VA

9/30 All Day Records — Carrboro, NC

10/1 Espresso News — Boone, NC

10/2 Al’s Bar — Lexington, KY

10/3 The Mockbee — Cincinnati, OH *

10/4 3577 Studios — Pittsburgh, PA *

10/5 R&D — Cleveland, OH *

10/6 Liquor Store — Rochester, NY *

10/7 ****** ****** — ****** *** *

(* = no Glochids)

(Pr: Sigh-won-ee) is Raub Roy’s improvisatory duet between the performer and a host of analog computing synthesizers. Much like his alternate guise, Horaflora (since 2005), which saw a similar artist/instrument dialogue, but with strictly electroacousticdevices (balloons, electric toothbrushes, transducers, drums - (the usual)). The ensuing structures from both projects can be as much a surprise to Roy as to the audience. He, with partner Dianne Lynn, founded Weird Ear Records (2011), a record label reveling in disparate forms of experimental music. Their slogan, “The Weird Ear, The Better,” serves as a guideline to the curatorial themes across all of these projects. Raub is from Western Mass. but has lived in the Bay Area since 2007.

Glochids is James Roemer of Arizona, currently Oakland (CA)-based. Succulents field researcher, gamelan experimentalist, bricoleur extraordinaire, James plays many objects, including metallophone percussion, a language learning computer replete with old school punch card interface, cactus quills (glochids), street sweeper kalimba, and electronics. His field-recorded snapshots of these sounds tend to blur with their backgrounds until focal point becomes the ear of the beholder. In performance, electro-acoustic environments are meticulously presented, with elements of chance interwoven, mediated in their deployment to serve the aesthetic intention of the piece. Glochids has albums released by Weird Ear, Phinery, Lime Lodge, Ascetic House, AughtVoid, and enmossed ::

Nurse Betty is a noise experiment by Dianne Lynn of FootSOS, Homoglochini, Weird Ear Records, and Life Changing Ministry. Born of curiosity for the art of noise and inspired by concepts and processes in life science such as circulation, osmosis, pressure, and release, her modular synths, sequencers, and field recordings culminate a visceral collage of equilibrium and agitation. Nurse Betty is influenced by friends and artists of the Bay Area noise scene. Dianne Lynn, with her partner Raub Roy, founded Weird Ear Records (2011), a record label reveling in disparate forms of experimental music. Their slogan, “The Weird Ear, The Better,” serves as a guideline to the curatorial themes across all of these projects.


it’s a deep weird thing happening get out there east coast folks


The Vat in philly is such a cool weird venue, if i still lived on the east coast i’d be at the gig.

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Never heard of the venue and it took a bit of work to locate without a Facebook account (is it near Berks?).

Definitely will try to make it to the Philly show.

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it’s veeeery under the radar. it’s a weird house in the old kensington area, from what i can remember it’s between 2nd and front streets up in that area. i also recall that it took a bit of work to find the exact address (which i’m sure is how they like it)


This’ll be the last one at the Vat, apparently, as thee gent who runs it is moving out…

Nurse Betty
Patrick Gallagher
Spiritual Recess

no freaks
“The Last Show at the Vat”!

first stop:

Portland Maine Tonight!

Boston this evening, email venue for address (or pm me)

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moon villian is utterly fantastic, def seek events there!!

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Thee Eldrich
Providence RI

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Already posted the poster (above), so will just remind that tonight is Philadelphia at the Vat!

Pm for address

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you show my old home who’s boss


Taking over True Vine Records today!

Looking forward to playing Richmond after a fun filled day in Baltimore, playin in the day, went to High Zero in the eve, lovely!

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Carrboro NC today/tonight


Boone NC tonight!!

Lexington KY TONIGHT

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At the Mockbee in Cincinatti TONIGHT