Goals //// 2017


No one likes that guy.

In all seriousness, I’ll be playing a set of beat-oriented ambient nonsense via monome. Come check it out.


Weird. The autofill wasn’t bringing your name up. We’re almost home from Yosemite. I’m looking forward to it.

  1. Make enough songs (not just noodles!) with modular for an EP.
  2. I hope to do a weekly music project, much like @ioflow’s weekly beats. I am not sure I have the time and inspiration, but I’ll definitely try!
  3. Save up and not buy too much gear :confused:


-keep on making sounds/noises
-keep on being smoke/alcohol free(almost 1 year now)
-keep on being vegetarian(9 months already)
-try to sell my place in Belgium
-and goal number 1, take my wife to visit Belgium(so, she stops nagging about it)
-and just be happy and watch time go by

  • Read less junk
  • See more live music/performances with my wife
  • Listen to music at home intentionally
  • Spend more time with my kids outside
  • Record more tracks - every time I do I’m reminded how rewarding it is to finish something
  • Expose my son to some instrument in a meaningful way (OK, this is pretty aggressive as he is only 14 months old now but a father can dream…)


General Goals

  • Find better ways to deal with depression (i.e. be sober more often). I’ve made a lot of progress in this area, particularly compared to 3-4 years ago, but still need to improve.
  • Go to a therapist.
  • Waste less time on the internet.
  • Spend more time reading books.
  • Make progress learning Javascript.

Musical Goals

  • Start playing drums again.
  • Spend less time noodling and more time focusing on composition.
  • Release an EP of original music.
  • Create a site for my music with a custom CSS theme.
  • Learn what I have (Ableton, Reaktor, Rytm, OP1), spend less time in the GAS-zone.

Goals //// 2018

your one-a-day and jared smith’s one-a-day were what inspired and encouraged me to do my own one-a-day! from summer 2011 to summer 2012. an incredibly productive time, with a few small albums made; new hands-on forms of art; sonic, written, and visual experiments…but always accompanied by incredible pressure and quite often no little frustration.

in 2014, i joined weekly beats just after it launched, but due to health issues, i only completed about 18 songs. for weekly beats 2016, i’m just now finishing up 52 weeks of completed songs, despite even more severe physical setbacks. it’s still been an amazing journey; musically, i think i’ve grown even more than in my one-a-day in many ways. (went modular in may!) but as rapidly as my health is deteriorating, i don’t think i can handle another full 365/52 so soon after the last projects.

instead, this year i’ll focus my efforts on releasing a few albums, however small. one for a cassette label; the others i’ll shop around. delicate ambient collage minimalism, using all the tools and knowledge i’ve gained over the last year. with all the steady-stream deadlines until now, i haven’t done made an album in three years, so it’s time to create a cohesive work in 2017.

  1. Spend more time with my kids as they’re growing quickly and we spend too much time looking into screens.
  2. Hold off on buying new musical gear and rationalise what I have.
  3. Quit Twitter because I don’t feel it offers enough for my time.
  4. Read more books.


There are many things I’d like to change this year, but I feel that listing more than a few goals as my primaries would cause my focus to be too scattered. With the way my brain works, ADHD and all, I think I can afford 3-4.

  1. Continue my daily practice of saxophone which includes mastering scales, arpeggios, and riffs in all of the modes/keys. I’m going to lump in my study of jazz theory into this goal, as well as my mastering of “Cosmic Rays” by Charlie Parker (by March).

  2. Delve more into the practices of fasting and meditation. There are beliefs that I hold dear, and this world has me running in so many directions. I don’t want to neglect what I hold important.

  3. Regular exercise. Nothing too crazy, I just want to keep up my body with some routine maintenance :wink:

—If I can—
4. Build a DJ set with my monome and perform it somewhere.


ALL OF THIS PRACTICING. i need to do the same. i used to have a note book journalling how long i was practicing what each day. literally i am digging it out now and starting today.



Start learning Portuguese.
Practice yoga with my best friend.
Write poems in a notebook.
Explore the excellent @pokk patches library to learn the ‘ins and outs’ of the nord micro modular. (see mono-log-org, partly inspired by the daily sounds of @marcus_fischer and Taylor Deupree)
Hit the record button more often - carelessly - when rehearsing or singing or playing the guitar.
Be more sociable


Write every day

Eat like I’m in Thailand

Exercise or something

Maybe make a mixtape?


I’m so sick of owning a real tonewheel hammond & not being able to play it. Unfortunately practice is the only way out of the predicament - almost certainly more of it than is really convenient!

Realise sitting down at that keybord in the last few days I haven’t been properly practicing for months. Can’t quite face picking apart my guitar technique yet - once I sit down & start running scales or transcribing I’ll be struggling to put the thing down & go to work. Hoping that if I really stick to every day practice, context switching will gradually get easier…


i picked up a a-100 and leslie 147 this year and LOVE IT. i bought some videos last year that i haven’t dove into too hard yet all about gospel playing. super great info although WAY beyond my abilities right now.

one of my favorite instruments right now. ugh, i think i’m going to go to the studio early and practice now!


I started 2016 hoping to get a live set together. That in itself was a bit of a rabbit hole, as I couldn’t narrow down a performance paradigm, set of of instruments, etc… I did end up with enough music to release a couple of new albums soon (days or weeks!), and I found a visual collaborator and I believe I’ve settled on an approach. Coincidentally, I want to do a minimal/monome-focused set. :slight_smile: So I’ll reset and focus on getting that live performance together for 2017.

Personally, I’ve spent a lot of time and resources pursuing bike racing over the last 10 years. I finally gave that up in an attempt to adjust my focus. That’s going pretty well so far. Still riding a lot, but racing was a whole other level of commitment which was sucking from too many other demands.

I am struggling greatly with our recent election here in the States. I have never experienced such anxiety before. So dealing with that in a constructive way is going to be a focus of this year as well. I am dedicated to a world of peace, love, and acceptance, and I’ll do whatever I can to advance those notions on a personal level.


Lots of inspiring goals above.

I have a few too:

To finally release some design ideas I’ve had for a while but have been too busy making existing designs to execute.

Open up existing designs for anyone to build.

Update website for the first time since its modest inception.

Media diet/phone use must be refined to maintain sanity.

Deeper immersion in nature. Time-wise I’m pretty good with this, but wish to deepen experience and integrate it with audio (and other) vibrational practices.

Prioritize health!


So why does 2016 suck exactly? I keep hearing this all over. I had a great year. Graduated college, landed a great job, got married to the love of my life. I suspect it’s some political thing? Maybe I’m just out of the loop.

Anyway, goals. I’d like to start work on a DSP project I’ve been thinking about, build up a bicycle for my wife, and go see more live music.


I see it stated a lot on Twitter, often largely in response to the deaths of famous or accomplished people.

But, politically, there is something grim in the air, an appreciable number of political decisions predicated on anger and a belief that current systems have failed, like the US voting Trump or the UK voting to leave the EU, that create an air of uncertainty and the potential for wide-scale destruction. We’ve seen several indications this year that wealth leads to power and carries with it a lack of consequence for its benefactors, partnered with a growing popularity of segregationist political movements defined by what privileges they can restrict for others. That combined with the destruction of Syria, the retention of its despot, and the renewed awareness of Russia’s interventionist aspirations have people on edge.

People sense doom, compounded by a public discourse honed to relay the sense of ever-impending doom no matter the state of affairs. There are always contingents of voices telling us the world might end, this has been a good year for them getting heard.

At least, that’s my take. As for personal goals, I think it’s time for me to sign on with a family doctor, it’s been a while a since I’ve seen one for a general check-up. Also I’d like to start some kind of personal writing project. Writing all the time for work kind of depletes my desire to write something of my own, but I feel like I need to push myself a bit.


As my inner clocks are somehow tightly entangled with academic years, my goals for 2017 are mainly a continuation and hopefully enhancement on things i have been increasingly marking as important since last september:

  • continue to minimize time spent doing nothing purposeful on the internet
  • continue to read non-technical books (aka, books :slight_smile:)
  • April : maybe take a plane to LAX and spend 2-3 weeks along the coast (planning to drive to Portland, OR, spend some time around there and back), recording sounds, making music (with a very minimal setup i have yet to imagine), enjoying the view, the food, the air. Has yet to be planned.
  • expand the vegetable garden
  • make music in a live manner, that is releasable
  • make two long form radio pieces
  • continue a series of short radio pieces and finally put it on the air.
  • write about the inner production of all that
  • constrain work inside its normal hours.

That should keep me busy.

  • complete at least one disquiet junto per fortnight.
  • release two albums.
  • minidisc label.
  • continue repairing body.
  • stop buying gear.
  • correct debt.
  • save money for house/land.

edit: adding three more goals.

  • learn to max/m4l.
  • learn to github.
  • learn to live code.