Goals //// 2018


Happy new year everyone!

Ok, so pretty much the same as the 2017 edition

Let us know your goals for ‘18 and a rough timeline.

If you had contributed to the Goals 2017 thread let us know how you approached compleating your goals and what worked for you or what you would do differently this year.

aaaaaaaaaaaand… GO!!!

Goals //// 2019

My goals last year were modest, because I knew the year would be a bit unpredictable (thanks to work). And so it was! And I expect a bit more of the same this year.

So here’s my modest goal for this year:
Organize at least 5 group improv jams here on the farm.
Organize at least 1 group improv jam in a public venue.


Music music music.

Make more.
Get new band off the ground and gigging.
Release 80s style EP in first half of year.
Compose and record guitar/modular tracks.


I want to continue to improve my health at every level.
I want to continue to write and publish through my small zine.
I want to sing more.
I want to learn how to actually record, mix and master music so I can share it in a state that I am proud of.
I want to survive my youngest child going off to college.

So it is written, so it shall be.


Last years goals got sidetracked by a new path opening up.

This years goals will be a bit more focused on that, but still making time for music.

Write and record an album.
Participate in LCRP.
Throw tracks at anyone doing interesting compilations.

Learn how to operate a distillery.
Start work on small scale gin, rum and liqueur recipes.
Continue learning and working on cocktail recipes.
Save money for opening my own bar/distillery with my partner.
Possibly take a step backwards and barback in a bar that I love, if it is financially feasible.

Learn to Max.
Pay off debts.
Buy more teeth.
Hit the gym again.


@saintcloud Would love to taste a Hunter shiraz gin á la Four Pillars’… because of deliciousness and NSW pride, of course.


That Four Pillars stuff is dope, I’m kicking myself for not picking some up for the bar I run. I’m heaps into the Adelaide Hills stuff and another local-ish distillery from the Central Coast, called Distillery Botanica. Australian botanicals are delicious.


Mine are as follows:

Release an album by the middle of the year. Likely to be a self-release. I’m going to go cassette/digital for the format. Last year was spent learning to modular, so I’m looking forward to creating a physical object.

Play at least one show. It’s been at least 3 years since I did this.

Post here more, reflecting the time I spend reading here.

Brew some beer.

Collaborate more.


Immediate goal is basically to keep this little foster dog alive we’ve had the last 3ish weeks. It’s sort of consumed me since we got him. I’m not really sure what to do and how to handle his poor health. He’s very up and down :confused:


Marcus, I’m glad you started this up for 2018. :grinning:

  • Record and release a new album, hopefully around mid 2018.
  • Start a youtube channel to share my experiments/patches - goal is to do this before spring.
  • Play a minimum of 3 shows (at least 1 more than I did last year). I have things brewing already.

More vague goals (based on opportunities that present themselves):

  • Participate in more improvisation.
  • Meet more of you great people in person.


My usual goal of ‘read more’ remains.

Otherwise, I hope 2018 will be the year where:

I develop a coherent modular for my musical needs.

Improve the ‘business’ side of what I want to achieve musically. Work towards more shows outside of London and the UK, and hopefully a residency somewhere.

And, most importantly, I need to stop comparing myself to others on social media, and tell myself I’m a failure for not getting a show at X, or a release on Y. I think that’ll be the hardest one.


To engage more deeply with everyone I meet. This means listening more, creating space in which others can feel understood, heard, respected and appreciated.

To focus my intentions on empathy as a motivating force for work and in life.

To pay attention in greater detail, and with increased ferociousness.

To give more, and to give more thanks.

And my small resolve in our little corner is to make time, even a few minutes, every day to write some Teletype code.


beautiful goals! thanks for sharing



  • Pay off credit cards, and pay back a portion of my student loan debt.
  • Improve the physical and mental health of both myself and my girlfriend.
  • Learn to cook healthier meals and maybe start a small herb garden in the kitchen.
  • Buy and read more books, and try to allocate 30-60 minutes to silent reading each day.

Art / music-related:

  • Start and complete a very personal project I’ve had in my head for almost 15 years.
  • Issue more backlogged and forthcoming recordings and art projects via my Editions Black & Blue private press, and if possible, start soliciting and releasing new work from people that aren’t me.
  • If my first gig isn’t a complete disaster, play live more often.
  • Complete my 2017 goal of filling up my first 6U system.
  • Buy a soldering iron and multimeter and learn to assemble DIY builds and repair/modify stuff I’ve got laying around in my storage.



  • decrease medicaton intake
  • move/exercise more
  • express more
  • less screen time
  • meet new people


  • read the manuals of the modules that i have, learning my modular synth
  • (don’t?) buy the New Thing immediately
  • host a show at radio.music


  • curate Rizoom, a meeting place for upcoming artist in the Netherlands
  • further explore photography and film
  • try to collaborate more
  • making my own webpage + a page for Rizoom


good idea! i’ve enough books but reading each day is difficult


Big supporter of reading. I wrap up almost every day by reading 30-60 minutes before bed and it’s a perfect way to unwind :slight_smile:


I’m starting a monthly email letter and a monthly bandcamp release series this year, and my modest goal is to not give up on either of them. Bonus goal: to end the year with enough momentum to keep it all going in 2019.


Just wrapped up my monthly Bandcamp release subscription series yesterday. Good luck!


Mine are pretty simple –

• play more shows in the free improv scene here in NYC
• increase fluency for programming Monome functions in Max (maybe learn JavaScript/Node?)
• share my music more! (I get v. bashful)
• put together a 20-30 min. solo performance set that includes dance
• build a box similar to the Voltage Memory so I can do preset tunings on my new Sidrax (help!)

I’m really loving the support here in this community! I wish everyone luck in their goals!