Goals //// 2018


for me:

  • finalize a small case
  • dedicate more time on teletype coding
  • trying to “compose” again something
  • 1 live
  • maybe change work ahahaha

ah and arranging a modular meeting in Italy


I feel like after many years of messing around with piano and guitar I’ve found out that the instrument I’m truly in love with is the cello. So I want to play it a lot!

I also want to get a firmer, more practical grasp of the music theory I’ve been deriving from the perceptual mechanisms behind harmony. I want to bring it into improvisation and composition.

I’d also like to produce a “piece of art”; vaguely some kind of finished whole, because I feel that hasn’t really happened yet (and because I want to). And I’d like to do it collaboratively.


Share more.
It can be hard to share your music with the world, spend time with people close to you, and it can be hard to share your opinion.

2018’s goal is to share more comments and music with this community, write more software outside of work, and spend more time meeting new people and deepening existing relationships.

2017’s goal was to build out a studio and get a decent practice space to record. Feb 2018 I’ll have the final touches of that studio complete.

Lastly, I’d like to release an EP before my birthday next October and play quite a few local shows this summer.

For budgeting I use a banking app called “Simple” which helped me got out of debt last year and make a music space.
For notes I used a mark down app called “Bear” a to keep my first ever personal journal and music log.
I also created a personal Slack for myself to collect music ideas, videos, articles, etc, and organize them.
I made a goal to write in the new music space MWF in the evenings right after work. I didn’t even go eat, I just went straight to the studio. I find that if I relax after work, I don’t write music for the most part.

Love this community btw, I couldn’t have gotten through 2017 without it.


I want to release some solo music that I’ve been working on. That will be the first time I release music that is not part of a band and also stuff I’ve engineered and mixed myself. It will be kind of a departure of my comfort zone with guitar driven indie rock (which I actually want to reconnect with as well) and be more focused on more free form stuff that has been very close to my heart for a long time. I also want to play at least 1 solo impro show, and also do some new collaborations within this field of work (impro, modular, sampling, field recordings).

As a new member of this forum I’m super exited to get involved in all the fantastic projects here. I have ambitions to participate in several Disquiet Junto/LCRP.

Non music related:
Run a half maraton
Traveling together with my girlfriend
Spend more time outdoors
Spend more time with my family
Explore some new ways of cooking


Last year I made my 2017 list fairly quickly after @marcus_fischer initiated the “Goals” thread on Lines. I made that list casually, not even really thinking that I’d revisit it, though I did find myself revisiting it. This year I took it more seriously, and did a fairly thorough pass through my personal priorities as December was coming to an end.

# Making Music/Sound
Guitar/Theory: continue to play daily + to take lessons weekly
Synth/Software: continue to play/learn multiple times weekly
Coding: focus on a language for 2018 (maybe Processing?)
Record/Post/Document: do better job of all three

# Other Music-Related Stuff
Next Music/Sound Book: make major progress on rough draft
This Week in Sound newsletter: publish regularly
Disquietude podcast: publish monthly
Junto: increase extra-project activities; SoGOtP re: website
Disquiet.com: redesign + introduce guest posts
Freelance Writing: one solid piece per month
Big Side Project: re-invigorate and do it up

# Non-Music-Related
Fiction: complete draft
Handwriting: write more slowly/neatly
Social media: continue to participate, but a little more selectively

# Health
Meditate: more often
Exercise: keep current habits + get back to gym once a week

Anything bigger? More speaking engagements, nifty creative gigs, other stuff? Dunno. We’ll see.


Joining this community was one of my initial goals, as it ties into my overarching goal of being more intentional. More intentional with my health: regular gym attendance, meditation, mental health. More intentional with my time: focusing more on solo music, pulling some other creative irons out of the fire. More intentional with my relationships: less acquaintances, more time with good friends.

Also, maybe being a dad? Construction around the house and garden maintenance all implied.

What a wonderful idea to voice these to a supportive community, it’s been great reading everyone’s perspective and goals.


I’m trying to keep it simple, knowing that this year is likely going to be packed and have some professional changes in it.

  • Be nicer to myself about the things that I make
  • Be nicer to myself about how many things I make
  • Extend my creative community, collaborate more
  • Relax, intentionally
  • Diversify and bring more creativity into my work
  • Support others - personally, creatively, and professionally
  • Find support from others - ask when needed

A couple very tangible things I’m starting to work on these:

  • make room for daily practices
  • monthly-ish newsletter to help stay in touch with people and build that base of support and community
  • more documentation and sharing, but not as a product or end result – open process
  • offering people opportunities through booking shows, putting out music by others, and attending as much as I can


If it is a disaster, you’ll have a much easier time improving on the next one!


By the way, if any of your goals include making improvements in the area of public speaking, product marketing, strategy development or program management I’d be happy to help you and no that’s not an ad. If you know something about document layout for printing (for my ridiculous little zine project that looks like this but is printed out and mailed in an actual envelope) I’d love to chat with you. And if you are a musician in the greater DC area and would like me to buy you a beer and let me ask you questions, by all means, let me know.


Thanks all for this thread. Sharing below to make tangible:

Music/Art Stuff
-> Get community studio launch’d
-> Solidify new performance practice ideas for upcoming gigs
-> First shows/visit in Berlin(!)
-> Summer east coast tour - West coast next winter (?)
-> Get decent with Arduino, complete a few projects (solenoid percussion, plant sensor -> CV generator?)
-> Get better with Unity/C# - no more hacking way thru VR stuff
-> “Press coverage” (feel like this is selfish but going to own this desire anyways)

-> More stable financially. More proactive w/freelance + pursue new $ opportunities. Student debt management!
-> Better planning + organization for teaching day gig
-> Confidence! Present self more ‘professionally’ (whatever that means)
-> No cigs! (quit late, '17, trying to keep it going)
-> Healthy balance of wide-open dreaming vs focused actionable ideas
-> Cook more, get away from black coffee/clif bar diet, etc. Be mindful of health + self-care.

< 3


ps: @wheelersounds - let’s set up a show together sometime this year!


I do goals a little bit differently — I initiated this new system last year on a recommendation from my father actually, and I think it worked well for me last year. Of course, different systems work better for different people, ymmv, etcetc.

I break my yearly goals up into three types:

  1. Reach Goals — these are goals that seem really challenging, potentially impossible to attain in one year, but putting in work towards these goals will start to yield tangible results as time goes on. Could be thought of as more like 2-3 year goals that you should start towards now.

  2. Medium Goals — these are goals that are challenging, but theoretically doable, in one year if you work at them regularly.

  3. "Easy" Goals — for lack of a better term…these are goals that are more “traditional,” in the sense that they’re likely day-to-day changes, and are things that require dedication through the year but, in the end, should be readily attainable with diligence.

The idea is to shoot for 1 Reach Goal, 2 Medium Goals, and 2+ “Easy” Goals. So…


  • Majority of income from music


  • Minimum of 5-6 releases from artists I produce

  • Social Time Management — build time with friends out in the city in a non-networking capacity. Harder than it seems on paper, given my propensity to hermit and overwork myself.


  • 1 gig of any kind per month

  • Continue progress on learning Racket + polish / advance / utilize FE repitoire

  • Re-learn soldering (DIY one module)



  • Listen more and better

  • Drink less

  • Learn what I already have and consolidate if/when necessary. No new substantial purchases on creative gear (excluding the ER-301 which I tried to order prior to 31 Dec).

  • Participate in more collaborative projects. Actively seek these out.

  • Participate in the discussion and activities here more often

  • Prepare something for release through a label (as I don’t have the time/expertise to self release)


I do believe that if one uses every minute to do what one believe is the right thing to do goals become unnecessary, but that hasn’t worked out all that well in 2017, so maybe it’s time to make myself accountable for what I want do in 2018 :slight_smile:
So here we go:


  • Post new articles on horizontalpitch.com
  • release one album
  • do more juntos than last year
  • focus more on the modular and get rid of some gear


  • update my knowledge in the field of UI design and design in general (through reading and courses)
  • do more things that don’t rely on the computer (drawing by hand, building paper protoypes, etc.)


  • in general do less but better
  • finish renovating the house (not really an optional goal :slight_smile: )

  • More regular piano practice and try to do it in a more focused way. Keep a log.
  • Stop playing modular jenga and produce some actual music with the thing. I used to manage to, I haven’t for ages.
  • Same thing really, but no more ‘I could do that if I just had a …’. Use what I’ve already got.
  • Get out on a bike regularly.
  • Try to participate in things more. Here and elsewhere.


I was really inspired by last year’s goals thread, it really showed what kind of people are flocking around here and that was impressive. So here are mine:

  • more excercise (running, yoga), more meditation, continue journaling
  • healthy eating habits: less sugar, less bread, concentration of intake to two meals
  • improve: REGULARITY and PERSISTANCE on all tasks, more realistic planning


  • launch personal musical project under a new (very hush hush) pseudonym by the end of the year
  • a “big” software project: a live digital audio-visual improvisational instrument
  • start the MA study by research (part-time distance learning)
  • consolidate my 5-year AV performance research project and get more gigs
  • releases every 2,3 months, for my webpage and patrons and the commons
  • take my netlabel to a new level with the social cause to contribute to the commons
  • start regular podcasts
  • redesign in finally make my webpage a central point for everything
  • improve on regular updates via my mailing list
  • continue discussions via online communities: Mastodon, lines, Renoise forums, etc
  • delete personal profiles on facebook & twitter

There’s more, which kinda frightens me, which consequently tells me I should cut down and focus on the biggest priority.


in 2017 i started a small vegan kimchi business and started down the modular path, so most 2018 goals are tied to those things:

  • get into a rhythm at the farmers market with the new kimchi business
  • compose at least one two-part counterpoint pieces for my brand new modular/semi-modular system (modules aren’t even screwed in yet) (several sub-goals are wrapped up in this one)
  • go to modular meetups in chicago (lmk if you also do this!)
  • start selling kimchi-related stuff online
  • once i’m in the farmers market groove, get back to food experimentation at home
  • watch less netflix/hulu/whatever
  • stop looking at craigslist “eurorack” and reverb every day
  • get back to putting money in my savings account every month
  • make a few friends in the food and synth worlds

happy 2018 everybody! good luck with your checklists!


Gawdalmighty I do love kimchi and it loves me. Good luck with that.



  • think less / play more
  • share something, somehow 1+ per month
  • perform publicly 1+ per season
  • practice something 30+ minutes daily
  • make blank panels so my modular doesn’t feel constantly incomplete (thereby helping achieve each of the above goals)
  • make & share 1+ DIY/open source audio related project in 2018


  • become more content with what I do for money (in one way or another)
  • be a better gardener
  • plant 5+ perennial edible plants near my house, 5+ in public places (shhh)


  • take more photos / less time looking at random photos (FB, Instagram)
  • write more / type less (unless it is interesting/productive typing)
  • read more books / read less online (30+ minutes silent reading daily seems good)
  • exercise/yoga/meditate 30+ minutes daily
  • socialize our dog more
  • socialize ourselves more (politically & personally)

most importantly

  • don’t give up on any goals if I miss a deadline or requirement
  • finish more of what I start, even if imperfectly


Get a new therapist

Journal more


Continue transitioning