Goals //// 2018


keeping this as a goal for the next three months because i don’t think i’ll be able to keep myself honest if i timebox for the whole year…

learn how to play piano - just scheduled lessons (:

read two of the “heavier” electronic music theory books

  • computer music
  • theory and technique of electronic music

write some form of summary for the above so when i inevitably give up i have a jump off point next january

make 2 ambient tracks

learn a new jazz standard every 2 weeks



take things easy…



Do a song in a friend’s potluck house show of Beck’s “Song Reader” later in the year

Do one other song at some point, probably in the form of a recording

Get to work uprooting this whole existential anxiety thing

Start exercising

Keep exercising

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What sort of MA are you looking for? I participated in a “low residency” music MFA composition program and had a great experience, for what it’s worth.



Which one are you talking about?

I found it and am readying myself for this one at Birmigham University:



The guys at Nerd Audio do a monthly modular meetup/jam, and there’s also Modular on the Spot, Knobcon, and the occasional synth meet at the Hideout. There’s a decent number of lines users here in Chicago (@Dan_Derks, @danielrdehaan, @andrew, and probably more that I’m not yet aware of), so maybe we can put together a local lines meet in the future.



I’d for sure show up to a Chicago lines meet. From what it seems like there definitely does seem to be enough of us



not to spoil any surprises, but recently spoke with @Tyresta about booking a Chicago lines show or two. I’ve spent a lot of time in the improv comedy community here and while I’ve pulled back to focus on music, folks are still super giving of space and slots. especially to non-comedy stuff. will be in touch v soon w/everyone!


Chicago! (meet-ups/shows/convos)
  • Start a non-specific art & development blog and average weekly posts
  • Realize some of these posts in the form of videos
  • Keep improving time-management skills
  • Build a suite of MAX/MSP objects
  • Develop improvised live playing techniques
  • Play Chicago gigs over the summer
  • Finish a collaborative album
  • Use my Painting I class as an opportunity to develop more distinct visual art techniques
  • Work some more on that album I started last summer

2018 is going to be a bit of an ambitious one but I’m all for it



Do you work in interaction design @papernoise (/UX/UI/HCI whatever)? I’m working on a degree right now.

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  • get over my pathological shyness re: promoting my own work
  • make more music
  • grow the business
  • write / teach more about programming


If you need another player for a Chicago Lines show, I’d be happy to drive up from Louisville if the schedules align :slight_smile: I haven’t played up there in a couple years.



i’m definitely down for a meet! I don’t think I’m ready for a “show” right now, but maybe by the end of the year?



I work in interaction design, have for almost 20 years. If we want to start an IxD discussion here I’d be totally into that.

I also teach at CIID.



Yea that’d be a great idea, I think I’ve now counted five lines people in it now and I’d be interested in getting some perspectives on actually working in the field seeing how I’m throwing my life in that direction pretty soon



Yeah I’m on the same boat, I’ll be there for sure but I don’t think I’ll be able to play anything properly until maybe the summer unless early practice goes extra well



2018 Goals

Great thread - I am inspired by seeing others’ goals…especially how people plan them out month by month!

I turned 40 in 2017, and over this summer it became clear tthat a lot of the things I have wanted to do for the past 20 years weren’t going to just happen on their own. So, I am going to continue to trim the fat and restrict myself to:

  • Kicking butt at my day job
  • Writing fiction
  • Composing for voice
  • Composing for voice in a narrative context (musicals, operas, song cycles, concept albums, whatever)

Give myself 30 minutes early in the morning for coffee and creative-project time
Exercise and/or qigong+meditation every day
Salads for lunch (but, like, a BIG salad)
Continue drastically reducing social media (only between 7-9 pm? Look at Reddit/Facebook/Imgur only once per day?)
No screentime after 9pm, except for music-making or work

Learn a song I like every week, to the point of being able to bash it out on piano or transcribe it


  • revise Mirror short story, send for publication
  • Finish Persichetti chapter on modal harmony


  • finish opera, if I get the commission
  • if not, plan novel


  • write novel
  • learn animation program


  • Finish Lion + Rabbit mini-musical, record, upload


  • Start dungeons and dragons musical


  • Collect and share my class materials others would benefit from (pop-music history class, IB Music)
  • Make a beats-driven album
  • Arrange and publish jazz/choir music for schools


  • Finish crab hockets
  • Finish hangman story


  • Finish song cycle
  • Finish wheelchair/room of light story


  • Finish nugget story
  • Finish off-the-rails musical monologue


  • Finish cult detective story

I also have a backlog of blog entires/tutorials I have planning to do for forever. And an embarrassingly long list of begun but not finished books on music theory and fiction writing…Those will all be fit in there too…



Ah, I’ve been waiting for this thread!

Simply put, I’d like to finish more than I start this year, work with constraints, and collaborate with others musically.

Happy new year everyone!



Yes, check here to see what I do: http://www.papernoise.net/

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i´ve had in mind some sasu ripatti´s words i found in an interview to him years ago
i know they´re tough and hard to achieve right now (i don´t pretend to), but lots of them helped & worked with me in a sound-musical context:

For an up and coming artist, I would say forget everything you have read about music making in the last ten years, forget about the gear and especially all the software made in the last ten years, don’t listen to any of the music made in the past ten years, don’t read any music blog ever again, go somewhere and isolate yourself from the civilization for a while, study music history, study art history, general history, forget everything you’ve learnt/read/studied, learn from nature as much as you can. then go make some music you actually yourself relate to and which comes from yourself.