Goals //// 2018


I think I’ll add that to my goals.


Great quote - made me think of one of my favorites: “Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the masters; seek what they sought.”


2018 Goals List (Work in Progress):

-Meditate more days than not (working up to a 30 minute daily sitting practice)
-Read Zen/Buddhist teachings at least 3 times a week (working up to a daily reading routine)
-Intentionally practice mindfulness in my daily life/on a moment to moment basis

-Take on less (personally and professionally) and create more space for connection (with both myself and others)
-Step outside of my social comfort zone (friends and family that I have known for years) and meet new people

-Learn more (gear I already own), buy less (Eurorack modules specifically)
-Play 3 - 5 shows
-Improve my ability to record, mix, and master music
-Release something on my Bandcamp page

-Save money/continue paying off student and car loans

-Get back into some sort of physical activity routine (3 - 5 days a week for at least 20 minutes at a time)


2017 was year of making one-project-a-month (http://szymonkaliski.com/blog/), it was fun and hard and draining, but I’m happy I did it.
I also started some good habits that I want to continue, and continued old ones, that I feel add a lot to my day: gym 3x week, daily meditation, daily journaling, daily language learning, daily reading (both for fun and for learning new things).

In 2018 I want to focus on making “art” again:

  1. I’m starting music “studio diary” and will publish incomplete sketches weekly (in hopes that I stumble upon something that I want to turn into new EP/album, I don’t want to repeat the same techniques/ideas from my first releases), also, some gigs maybe?
  2. I’m working on sketches of interactive/visual ideas (I plan on starting special “sketchbook”/“lab” page on my website, and writing about the explorations/techniques on my blog from time to time)

I want to give myself more freedom than last year, explore new ideas, and do it without such tight deadlines.
I’m also keeping it simple with just two things, but compared to last years one thing at once, this seems like a huge commitment.

I also want to focus on good work / life / personal-projects balance, my small studio (http://flow-control.io) is getting busier and busier, and I’m happy for it, but I don’t want to fall again in a trap of working 12+ hours daily.


Combine the rhythm section of Fugazi with the textures of SAW ll
Transform my garage into a functional studio
Get a new gallery
Reduce anxiety
Reduce migraines
Prevent my wife from taking in more cats
Become more methodical in preparing for performances and maybe academic life


Have you heard Messthetics yet? A buddy of mine from WI was just in DC and saw them. Apparently it’s the Fugazi rhythm section with a jazz guitarist named Anthony Pirog (who I strangely played with up in Chicago once a few years ago at Elastic). My buddy said they were great.


I haven’t, but will take a look/listen. Thank you!


From 2017

I decided to copy my goals from 2017 and see where I am at (I crossed out the ones I completely missed the mark on).

I missed the mark on all of my musical goals more or less, but I did really well on all my general goals. I’ve been completely sober since mid-October, have been going to yoga 4-5 weeks, and trying (but not always succeeding) in incorporating a meditation practice in my life. Therapy was very helpful, but I stopped I going because I got to a place where I am more or less feeling good all the time.

So, for 2018…

  • Keep developing my kitchen skills (cooking has become my biggest creative outlet lately). Maybe transition from veg to vegan.
  • Deliberately schedule time to work on different aspects of music
  • Spend less money and save more. For the last couple years GAS got the best of me, but I’m going to be more prudent moving forward - getting out of the modular game will really help with that.
  • Spend more time learning the gear I have. Currently really just have the OP1 and a couple pedals, looking to pick up a Prophet Rev 2 in 2018.
  • Focus more on meditation and my yoga practice.

Here is to 2018!


OK, been thinking about this knowing I undoubtedly blew most of my 2017 goals (aim high right! :slight_smile: )


  • stay sane while getting married at the end of March
  • enjoy a ‘honeymoon’ of sorts right after in NYC and hit up a hockey game and eat a lot of good food
  • work on saving (mainly through the summer class below) for a proper honeymoon - we have no idea where to go, but we’ve talked about Croatia, Peru, Norway (that’s mostly me, I like the cold), Iceland…who knows, but somewhere BIG!
  • lots of these ‘health’ posts are good, there’s a yoga place down the street that offers Tai Chi a couple days a week, I’d like to try that and my partner is excited to do it with me as she’s always tried to get me to try yoga (maybe I’ll even cave and try that, I’m sure it’d be good for my osteoporosis
  • keep hanging out with the dogs and keep the new little guy alive (posted about this above, but man, he’s skin and bones. Kidney problems, heart problems, dental problems. I think he was fed human food for the 7-10 years he’s been on the planet and he doesn’t seem interested in helping himself by eating his special kidney diet food. I’m becoming attached. Maybe I’m not cut out for fostering after all! :slight_smile:


  • present on gaming in the classroom at GenCon (biggest gaming convention in the world) and continue to playtest and integrate games into class
  • find a good history graphic novel to bring into class to co-teach with English class
  • get enough interest to teach my audio production elective this summer again with the orchestra teacher


  • 7-10 show tour with Josh Mason up to Montreal hopefully, New England areas this July and work our way down to Louisville - I may be posting about this for help come February/March
  • sort out modular case and settle in again after a bit of upheaval
  • do more field recording, mainly (like bird-watching) as an excuse to get outside and have some adventures
  • find a balance between exploration and producing something worth sharing (live or physical release). 2017 was the first year where I didn’t play a solo show since I started solo stuff in 2001, which was kind of weird, but kind of a good experience to force me to reflect and think differently. I always love the artistic exploration side of things, but don’t want to get so caught up in that I don’t have to move forward and make decisions and stick with processes, etc.


I would love to hear more about this!!! I’m a gaming teacher too


I can’t recommend Norway enough as a honeymoon destination. My wife & I went to Tromso after we got married in 2013 & it was an amazing experience…really friendly people, Northern Lights (if you go at the right time of year) & generally breathtaking scenery. I’d love to go back again one day & explore more of this beautiful country.


Great thread.

Last year I quit smoking and got serious about writing techno again. Came out swinging and now I have a release on Granulart Digital (out next week) and am just starting on year two smoke-free.

This year, I’m working towards 2 vinyl releases (one has been confirmed) and am building my live set. Goal is to test-run this new material here in LA in preparation for some European shows that I hop to get.

Also looking for a (creative) accountant and a booking agent. (Appreciate any leads!)

Trying to get back to my pre-surgery crunches, planks and push ups routine, at least 5 days a week. Feeling kinda soft…

Oddly enough, since December, I’ve been using a (analog) planner (Hobonichi Techo) for day to day stuff and bullet journalling my music-making time and activities (and learns, processes, techniques) in a Leuchtterm1917. This has been a huge help in maintaining focus over multiple days between multiple jobs and responsibilities. Hoping to continue utilizing these tools through the course of the year as well…

Trying to maintain a quasi-regular schedule for Norelco Mori, too.

Organizing data and audio is a priority for me this year. Need to become the librarian and digital archivist for my own little special collection.

…lots to do…

Best of luck to everyone trying to keep your own resolutions and hit those goals!


I wanna build an ambisonic microphone with a mill and a 3D printer, then a playback system to hear the recordings with all the channels.


Play live with the modular - minimum 2 shows

Release 2 records (one is almost complete)

Spend more time playing music, less time reading about it (or about gear at least)

Collaborate, either live or on recordings

Improve spoken French - get lessons!


It’s been really inspiring reading through this thread. Here’s what I’ve got…


  • Put out two releases.
  • Play my first solo show :sweat_smile:.


  • After 2 years of living here, make some NYC friends!
  • Be proactive about keeping up with people.
  • Exercise regularly; put on some weight.
  • Read 12 books.
  • Make a computer / video game.
  • Reduce working hours to spend more time on music and ~life~.
  • Offer thoughts and opinions more readily, less bashfully.
  • Ask for help sooner.


My goal for 2017 was playing a solo show and I didn’t.
My goal for 2018 is playing a solo show.
I’m in Montreal and I feel like it should be easy but it somehow isn’t? So if anyone around has a 20 minutes to fill in some place (I’ll travel for it) or is just interested in playing in front of a couple person (I might just organise one) reach out!

My other goal was to engage more on this forum of which I’m an avid reader. I succeeded I guess

Good luck everyone


Standing goals:

‘be a better father & partner, continue in my (not so) new job and not freak out, deal with depression better’

Lines goals:

  • Find a voice, find the artistic voice that only I have and channel it when making music. Turn the gear/ experience/ideas I have into something unique and valuable. Then the gigs and tape releases and collaborations can come… right now, I feel I make uninspiring tech demos for no one and have ideas, and the two never meet up to become more than the sum of their worth.

  • Don’t buy things. Was quite good at this last year, but I have doubled down on my environment last year to upgrade audio interface/Live DAW/studio space… now there is no excuse for me needing any more stuff.

  • Practice Yoga and not just do it in class for 60 mins per week. Use this practice to destress and manage unhappiness.

  • Keep a journal of my musical activities, to try and run ideas for their lifespan, not just throw away and start again. Also to show my progress and introduce good habits of practicing and playing as a regular thing


What kind of music do you play? Do you have links anywhere? It used to be easier to book experimental shows here a couple years ago, but I think La Plante is probably still doing their noise shows… although, come to think of it, I haven’t seen one advertised in a while.


I do both experimental/ambient sounding stuff and more pop/technoish things:

La plante is a lovely place, I’ve played there in a band context, would love to play there again.
Thanks for your reply! I love your music and really dig your approach.

Do you still own and use an Aleph btw? Always felt weird to know there’s another one somewhere in Montreal.

  • Make a long-term career decision about my current job - “paint or get off the ladder”
  • Mix a record, even if its just me and a friend - start something (planning to do this in January)
  • Record a track or more a week - spend less time idealizing
  • Consolidate my gear footprint and study what I have - complete the systems I set out to build without starting any new ones
  • Finish the DIY projects on my project shelf (this includes a rebuild of a vintage amp, amp mods, euro modules, other repairs) before embarking on (read: buying parts for) any new projects
  • Spend more time outside (did this last year - want to increase this year)
  • Acquire a bass and learn to play some bass