Goals //// 2018



  • Commit to and record more than 5-10 minute noodling
  • Keep a notebook
  • Three live performances by EOY
  • Continue adding stores to Wiggle Hunt, along with “follow” functionality and notifications
  • Meet a few of y’all in Chicago

Not synths

  • Paint our new place, get some art on the walls
  • Hit up Primavera w/ my wife
  • Relaunch Sabermetrics research archive
  • Launch fantasy baseball advisor app
  • Write publicly about web scraping


As someone who’s always been more of a dreamer then a do-er, 2017 was a pretty exciting year for me. I graduated college, explored and traveled across the US pretty much as constantly as I could, got married, started a wedding photography business with my wife (theforwardsphoto.com), bought a house to remodel and flip, played live more then ever, and started building my eurorack!

I’m hoping to keep this newfound drive going in 2018, so here are some goals!

-Book At least 20 weddings, with at least a few being out of state (we already have 13 for the first half of the year, so we’re on our way!)

  • Learn more about seo and marketing, we pretty much exclusively rely on instagram posts and word of mouth right now.
  • Learn more about building/coding websites. I built our website using Wordpress and really enjoyed the process. So I would love to keep learning, and possibly build some more websites.


  • write, record, release, and hopefully gig some rock based music with my brother-in-law.
  • do the same by myself with modular/ambient music
  • book more gigs playing the drums
  • get more involved in the music community (both irl and online)
  • at least an hour of technical instrument or theory practice a day
  • find a balance between not buying modules, and having a system that works for me


  • finish remodeling our house by the end of spring
  • exercise at least 4 times a week
  • take more creative/personal project photos
  • read more
  • keep traveling and taking risks (not at all my natural tendencies)
  • be a good husband and friend, don’t let all these things and dreams take priority over what’s really important.

Sorry for the long post! Just excited about the new year and possibilities!


I’d been looking forward to this thread and joining in this year, but it’s been a slightly hectic start to 2018 and I haven’t quite found the time (until now).

Anyway my goals are…

  • Be the <insert superlative> dad. My wife has just started work again, only 2 days a week for the first few months (lots of annual leave accrued). I’d like to try to be ‘in the moment’ as much as possible when I’m with my son (and daughter when she’s home from school).

  • Keep a 5-year journal. I bought a 5 year journal to start this year, it’s tiny (only A6 sized) so I’m forced to stick to the important facts of the day. I’d to write in it every evening. Should be fun in the years to come to see what we were doing X years ago on this day.

  • Keep a ‘lab book’ style journal. I’m pretty terrible at letting my thoughts run off in too many different directions all at the same time. I’m hoping to experiment this year with trying to constantly write down what I’m focusing on in the hopes of keeping me (more) linear.

  • Running. I started running in spring last year, partly for health, but mainly for relaxation. I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to manage three times a week (parenting comes first), but if I can I’d like to go for 100 runs this year, if I can only manage twice a week then I’ll aim for 75. (Strava tells me I ran 54 times last year).

  • More fruit. Something simple, one extra piece of fruit a day.

  • Be in the moment. This ties in with much that I’ve written above, about being the best dad, keeping my thoughts linear, and shedding my stresses while running. But I’d also like to try changing my defaults when idle, away from things that are hard to put down (i.e. my phone) towards things that are easier to drift into and out of. So far, I’ve bought a puzzle book, I’m trying to keep my Kindle everywhere with me (with something easy to read on it), I might even try some manga on it too.


That 5-year journal looks lovely - almost too nice to write in. Think I might have to pass that on to my other half to get me for xmas next year!


I bought mine on the day it came out, along with a normal year planner, just to make sure it would arrive in the UK before the year started. Surprisingly they sold out incredibly quickly, hopefully next year they will release them earlier. (It’s the first year that they’ve done the 5 year, which might explain the failure to predict the demand.)

The pages are really small though (A6), and it uses a 3.7mm grid. The Tomoe River paper is lovely with fountain pens though (and very thin at 52gsm), but you’d probably want an extra fine nib.

I also really recommend the day planners, there is an English A6, and a Japanese A6 and A5. This year I’ve taken to getting up 30 mins before the rest of the family to have my breakfast, make an espresso and write out a day plan.


turning off phone notifications and doing as much unsubscribing as possible is the key to all this… and good luck with the journal. I treated myself to this for christmas…https://www.theschooloflife.com/shop/writing-as-therapy-journal-projects/


I sold the aleph last year in favour of more euro. The Morphangenes, Rainmakers and ER-301s of the world had become too tempting an alternative.


I’m in Bed Stuy! Let me know if you want to hang sometime, @mdg is also here and there are others as well.


Have been thinking about this thread for a while, have drafted a few different ideas…but none of them felt right. I’m only focusing on making sound here, not setting goals for family, work or health. Although this definitely plays into my contentment which affects my health, family and work. So - it’s important.

I’d like to look back on 2018 and feel like every time I stepped away from my studio (table) I left feeling better than when I arrived. I think I’ll probably release a bandcamp album this year, but if that doesn’t fit in with my core goal - I won’t do it. I want my time at the table to feel like play, not work. I think that that means changing up a bit of my workflow, to emphasize improvisation and intuitive play, but I don’t want to overcorrect and get too wound up about it.

note: I know a lot of you are professionals and music production isn’t a past time thanks for letting me hang out with and learn from you. I don’t want to diminish production as work. I imagine if music production were the way I fed my family I wouldn’t worry too much about making it fun. I’d do the work. Thanks for letting me make your profession my relaxation.


yah! +1 for NYC lines hang


@mdg aah yes I’d love that! @wheelersounds I’m in Clinton Hill, so pretty close!


Instead of aiming for the big goals, I’d try this year to rather setup a string of less intimidating micro goals and/or systems to achieve them. For example, make music for around 30 mins every day instead of aiming for 2-3 releases a year. Read a few pages every day instead of finishing 10 books. Write a few words every day without the pressure of writing a collection of poems.

Keeping up with the simple doable things rather than end up with an abundance of ideas. And make some new London friends (and maybe going back to modular again).


My goals for the year are to record and release some stuff (one on cassette is planned at least), play live for the first time and make some more collabs with other musicians.
I’ve starting to play with a drummer (I’m all eurorack) which has been great and we need to make that happen on a more regular basis!

Happy new year, indeed!


Thanks for the inspiration and motivation everyone.

i have never really set any goals before.
i have set my mind to accomplish things and used discipline to achieve them, which may be the same thing, but the motivation has often been resignation or necessity.
But not with intention and specifics, and not because it is something that i really want instead of should.
Maybe because if i make it a real goal then i set myself up for failure, whereas if it is a vague unstated notion then i can’t let myself down.
Somehow this feels different, so here goes:

Continue progressing as a musician/artist/creative being by:

  • practicing scales, Hanon exercises, etc. for at least 20+ min, at least 4+ x days a week
  • create daily
  • finish work, not just start anew
  • avoid creative habits, default patterns, continue to push myself and explore
  • play out live 2x times
  • find consistent collaborator that shares my passion and drive
  • learn 3 songs, ‘Chim chim cher-ee!’ from Mary Poppins, ‘Linus and Lucy’ by Vince Guaraldi, and ‘Gymnopedie #1’ by Eric Satie (ive never really learned how to play a song, these might be optimistic)

Improve personal health by:

  • continuing tobacco elimination
  • stretching/yoga at least 20+ min daily, at least 4x days a week
  • eating less sugar and carbohydrates, more kale
  • don’t let myself become overwhelmed, stressed, and worried about and by work

Improve personal relationships by:

  • practicing empathy and listening, not jumping to solve a problem or diminish the severity
  • being more aware of what and how i am saying things
  • discerning the important moments to engage and be present, less selfish

And all of the above by spending less idle time consuming media


yes. electonics and real drummers- just doesnt happen enough.



Here’s our first little get together: https://youtu.be/vkeAsefJNdg


Moving from one coast to the other in two weeks, so my main goal is for my family to survive that.
Get a new job.
Reconnect with old relationships, make new ones.
Learn a new city after 12 years in NYC.
Continue to run and get outside.
Continue to have time for my creative work. See if my laptop can make it thru another year.


i highly recommend learning Processing - so fun and rewarding. i can send a few good intro resources if you haven’t come across something already. great goals - best of luck with them!


Thanks very much. So far I’m working my way through the 2nd edition of Learning Processing.


These … are some damn good goals for someone who has never set goals. Well done.