Goals //// 2018


heya bobbcorr,
thanks for the support.
i wonder if all of this is a little ambitious, but i think if i am clear with the how and make actionable steps then some things will become ingrained with practice. Its the personal goals that are a bit more vague in how to practice, especially in the moment when i may be less aware.
gonna try though…


:notes: A goal is a dream your heart makes / when you’re wide awake :notes:

(with apologies to Cinderella)



(deep breath)

  • Perform live solo - 4x
  • Perform live w/collaborators - 4x
  • Release an album through a label
  • Do 20 Juntos
  • Get back down to 155 lbs. though better diet and keeping on biking 10mi. a day to work.

(deep breath)

I’m telling you all this, because you are my peeps, and I draw strength from you all, and pledging to your community is a strong motivator: I’m planning a serious sabbatical in 2020 after 35 years of working in Silicon Valley. My plan is that it will be time wholly devoted to performing music. But I promised myself, my husband, and now all of you, that I can only do this if commit to learning and growing musically in the two years leading up to it. So, this year:

  • Learn to play a chromatically pitched instrument well enough to perform with it.
  • Structure and plan the larger sabbatical project by June.
  • Write 1/3 of the larger sabbatical project by end of year.


After not really getting anywhere with my goals for 2017, apart from getting married, I’ve been thinking about goals for this year and have decided just to have one.

Be a nice person.


Count me in for this as well. Brooklyn / Gowanus area.


Publish the patch~ magazine
Release my 1998 recording on double vinyl “4 ragas” on RVNG
Fulfill my technology grant
Direct my first event @ Watermill Fundraiser in Summer
Attend Atonal 2018 in Berlin
Give my Organelle/Pisound talk at NY/CT Pd Patching circle
meet a nice woman perhaps?
Visit Sri Lanka
Continue with my 3rd year of Sobriety
Get Closer to my Divine Avatar Meher Baba


Ooh - v curious to hear about patch~ magazine. have there been previous issues or will this be the first?

Still need to sort some moving parts, but would be thrilled to host the Organelle talk (or PD meetup) at Harvestworks if you want to present in the city!


Never too late to think about goals… Also, first time that I put resolution/goals/plans on paper, but I can’t miss my chance to write that down.

My year will mainly be divided in two parts because I’ve just completed my Cegep (you know, that weird school transition that we have here in Quebec between High School and University). Since the programs that I’m interested in only start next September - which will be the second part where the goal will be to pass all my class - I’m currently in my first real school break. What I really want during those 8 months is to work on my own projects… (and also choose my program for university haha). So, here are my main goals for this year.


  • Listen to new music, tired of listening to the same old stuff every day. I need to make new discoveries
  • Learn max/msp - my goal here is to create small interactive content to go with music
  • Record more of my modular patches and creations. I need to archive more my work
  • Try to post songs - nothing fancy, but forcing myself to complete stuff and not only work on it one day and forget it the other day
  • Perform a live semi-improv show with a friend - Drum and modular (ambient, other rhythm and processing) and if my goal (Learn max/msp) is achieved soon enough, integrate some visual to that show
  • Try to implicate more myself in the community here in Quebec but also here on llllllll.co, try to give my opinion and thoughts in threads – after spending so much time reading you all, I think it might be time to discuss with you


  • I’m running a small skateboarding company with a friend and 2017 has been a huge zero (Casse-cou for the curious). So, for 2018 we want to drop a new shirt and publish at least two videos - we will try to present one of them in a small local place, maybe in a skate shop, a bar, or who knows where?
  • I’ve started climbing and I want to continue that on a more daily basis - maybe starting the year with 1 to 2 times per week to reach something like 3 times. Getting a bit healthier.


love this idea !

Goals for 2018:

-Self release first LP on cassette
-send LP around to small cassette labels (if you own one or know any let me know!)
-improve live performances
-play live more (once a month if possible)
-grow the module collection!


-collaborate more

  • Learn as much as possible about every module I own and become completely comfortable using them.
  • Stop buying modules and stop thinking I need more modules to make music.
  • Scale down my system even.
  • Buy more tape recorders though!
  • Practice live performances.
  • Upload more music to SoundCloud. Stop spending days tweaking and mixing tracks.
  • Submit something for every Disquiet Junto.
  • Learn more theory.
  • Learn more about everything.
  • Produce 4 or 5 songs I’m completely happy with and self release an EP.

  • stained glass + neon lights (making both / combining both)
  • make [better] watercolor paintings
  • write more essays [faster]
  • increase deadlift to 400lbs (though 300lbs will do…but let’s aim high!)
  • move into a house I don’t plan on moving out of for at least a decade
  • learn conversational Portuguese
  • get better at trading crypto currency #lambo
  • mayyyyyybe have a kid (though I’m not sure how that’s going to work with my busy weightlifting and day trading schedule)


Have a heavy kid.

(I have no solution for the day trading.)


Pall got the go ahead form his admins for the First Meet-up at SUNY this semester, so the first one with be in White Plains I’m sure. NYC is always a fun time but i need to schedule it so i can leave my furry pals over night and enjoy myself in the City.

Maybe let us know when you get something solid confirmed? I think more is better when it comes to Workshops and sharing :slight_smile:


Someone I work with is doing the first part of that right now!



  • Record experiments regularly, post to my Soundcloud, which is fairly empty right now. [ongoing]
  • Get comfortable enough with Kria (and other sequencing systems) to be able to easily get my melodic/rhythmic ideas out of my head (especially in an improv situation). [first half of the year]
  • Build up a live modular set, play my first modular live performance. [by the end of the Summer. Perhaps MOTS Seattle?]
  • I’d also LOVE to find a new band to play bass in, but I’ve been in Seattle 7 years now and it hasn’t happened yet. :confused: [???]


  • I just started working in a pretty different medium at work (audio, actually!), so I have a ton of learning to do. I’m an interaction designer, and nearly all of my professional experience has been designing GUIs, so it’s exciting/terrifying to move to experiences that may not even have a graphical component. But yeah, more exciting than scary! I guess that’s not a goal, exactly. Ummm… kick ass?
  • Challenge my introvert tendencies more, especially at work. I definitely tend to let other people do the talking more often than I probably should.
  • Simplify my belongings. I have no delusions of some sort of minimalist lifestyle, but I just have way too much crap. I mean, when I see people’s terrifying garages/basements it makes me think I’m doing pretty good, but I still could purge a lot of stuff!

Cycling (this is really what most of my spare time revolves around, despite hanging out here!):

  • Finish, with a smile on my face, a really daunting race I’m signed up for in July. I’m doing a 6 day enduro-style mountain bike race in central British Columbia. Not just 6 days in a row, but in some seriously gnarly terrain. Much like work, it’s definitely one of those “60% excited / 40% afraid” situations, but that’s the perfect recipe for adventure, right?
  • Do 5 other regional enduro races. Have fun, ride fast, finish mid-pack (or better?). I’m already registered for those, so I just have to stick with the plan!
  • Race Singlespeed Mountain Bike Worlds in Bend, OR in October. I raced it twice in 2008 and 2009, and it was incredibly hard, but a great atmosphere. Time to do it again since it’s within driving distance for me.


By SUNY do you mean Purchase? If so, is there a meet-up happening there??


Hey! I’m on east end of Long Island- 2 hrs from nyc but quick train ride- if youre planning some kind of get together let me know- would love to meet up in nyc to jam, talk.


@mdg Oh yeah I would also be interested in knowing more too. I live in Brooklyn but I’m from Westchester and head that way from time to time.


Hi Yes
Pall Thayer and i are hosting the New NYC/CT Pd Patching Circle. I’ll Be demo-ing a set of Organelle patches i made for Critter & Guitari and a new [OLD] set of revived code from the nSlam set Zack Settel made as well as a bunch of Modal Synthesis code with physical modeling NOT based on the STK stuff. I have also gone back and fixed


A.) Gendy – : Iannis Xenakis


gendy~ is a C++ library and external for PD and Max/MSP to implement a variant of Dynamic Stochastic Synthesis, a technique developed by Iannis Xenakis.

The basic idea of DSS is to describe a waveform with a set of “breakpoints” and interpolate between them to generate the actual audio signal. The set of breakpoints forms a single cycle of a waveform, and each time one cycle gets played, the breakpoints each move for the next cycle. So each breakpoint ends up on a two-dimensional random walk.

B.) Munger~

munger is a new and enhanced version of a powerful Max/MSP real-time granular synthesis external found in the PeRColate library. Apart from added features and optimizations, including ability to generate theoretically unlimited number of grains per second using real-time input

Originally introduced in 1947 as a theory by Dennis Gabor [13], sonified by Iannis Xenakis in 1971 [27], and made real-time by Barry Truax in 1988 [24], granular synthesis is by no means a new technology. Yet, in part due to its inherent versatility, granular synthesis remains a prominent technique in contemporary digital audio vocabulary. Its recent adoption into the mainstream audio software, such as Propellerhead’s introduction of Maelstrom synthesizer in Reason 2.0 [19], certainly attests to this ongoing trend.
Late 1990s have introduced proliferation of portable computing, DSP-oriented programming languages and ensuing popularity of audio-visual environments geared towards interactivity, most notably PD/Gem [20, 12] and Max/MSP/Jitter [10]. As a result, there was a growing need for an integrated real-time granular synthesis object which would offer balance between versatility, and ease of use. Although only a peripheral object of the PeRColate library authored by Dan Trueman and R. Luke DuBios [4, 25, 26], munger~ external to this day remains arguably one of the most powerful granular synthesis objects for the Max/MSP environment. PD community quickly realizing the importance of the PeRColate collection had made agenuine effort towards a native port. As a result, in 2002 Olaf Matthes had generated a near complete Pure-Data conversion. Unfortunately, in this port munger~ failed to operate properly, maxing out the CPU usage in a seemingly random fashion and ultimately producing garbled and therefore unusable audio output. Another unfortunate shortcoming of Matthes’s formidable efforts was the fact that original authors of the PeRColate library had no resources and/or interest in maintaining two concurrentcode bases, in part since their work revolved predominantly around the Max/MSP platform. More so, multiple #ifdefs in Olaf’s code had made the source cumbersome to read and even more difficult to maintain. For these reasons, Matthes’s contributions had fallen by the wayside, leaving PD community without an ability to tap into the vast potential of the munger~ object.

In late 2017 Patrick Pagano ported the code to Arm7/Atom processor for the Organelle community

It does require a small installation of the stk shared object libraries which will be addressed as well

C.) PeRcolate Max/Msp for Organelle

In addition i ported several objects made for MaxMsp [Max7] created by Luke Dubois @ Columbia Computer Music Center. There will be example patches released so users can experiment with this important and now historic set of computer music resources

  • gen5~ exponential bpf generator
  • gen7~ linear b.p.f. generator.
  • gen9~ sinusoidal wavetable generator.
  • gen10~ computes a harmonic wavetable.
  • gen17~ solves chebyshev polynomials.
  • gen20~ random function generator.
  • gen24~ breakpoint function generator.
  • gen25~ hamming/hanning function generator.

In addtion to :

  • weave~ sub-harmonic oscillator.
  • random~ audio-rate random number generator.
  • jitter~ signal randomizer.
  • escal~ signal rounder.
  • scrub~ delay-line scrubber.
  • chase~ three-way signal comparator.

Unauthorized Pure Data
Previously these objects crashed immediately on ATOM/Arm processors and had to be ported from scratch

  • beatify~: modulate amplitude of a sound applied to any sound the results are incredible and interesting
  • cooled: a micro sound editor. Applied to sound samples acts as a random table reader
  • samplebox~: an opaque box to record and playback a sound

and Finally and but certainly not least

Based on Davide Rocchesso’ Sound Design Toolkit
This is an extremely advanced Set of Tools that i have spent a great deal of time preparing for Organelle
****A Special Install of the SDT Library is required.

  • bouncing~ generating (irregular) bouncing sonic textures.
  • breaking~ generating breaking sonic textures.
  • bubble~ generating bubbling
  • bouncing~ Generates a stochastic sequence of impacts to form a bouncing sound
  • crumpling~ Generates a stochastic sequence of impacts to form a crushing sound
  • breaking~ Generates a stochastic sequence of impacts to form a breaking sound
  • dcmotor~ Physically informed model for the synthesis of electric motor sounds.
  • demix~ This algorithm looks for vertical and horizontal structures in the spectrogram to separate an arbitrary audio signal into its percussive (transients), harmonic (sustained tones) and residual (noise)
  • envelope~ Amplitude envelope tracker
  • explosion~
  • fluidflow~ Liquid sounds model & INTRODUCING BLOOP SYNTHESIS!!!
  • friction~
  • impact~ Simulates an impact between two solid objects
  • inertial modal
  • motor~
  • myo~ myoelastic pitch detection
  • pitch~
  • pitchshift~
  • reverb~ Artificial reverberator based on Feedback Delay Networks
  • rolling~ Generates a stochastic sequence of impacts to form a rolling sound
  • scraping~ Generates a stochastic sequence of impacts to form a scraping sound
  • spectralfeats~ spectral extractor
  • windcavity~ Wind through cavities
  • windflow~ Wind against solid surfaces
  • windkarman~ Wind across thin objects
  • zerox~ Zero crossing rate detector

And Finally
A set** of four Instruments that provide drum link sounds similar to the Intellijel Plonk & Rainmaker eurorack modules All plugins are realized in a modular architecture, where two “resonators” are connected through an “interactor”.The combination of resonators and interactors is reflected in the name of each module: “impact” refers to an interaction force that contains a non-linear term, while “linpact” indicates the more economic, restricted implementation of a linear force term.
The two modules containing “2modal” in the name use two resonators in modal description, in contrast to the simpler “modal” versions, where one resonator is simplified to an inertial mass.

4 Unique PLONK Modules will be available in Drum like patches providing organelle users with the cutting edge of auditory research and MODAL SYNTHESIS


well, goals. Last year my goals were a sort of to-do list with higher significance items than my uncountable everyday to-do lists. Some items did happen, either by chance or because of me taking action for them to happen, others were dropped out, things i had not planned doing occurred (can we really have three verbs next to each other in english too?).

Anyways, for this year i am setting the (meta-)goal to improve my social skills in order to be able to build and open creative/professional doors. (social things, i hate those. i can’t help but notice all the untold stakes at work in a live conversation and it makes the entire thing a pain to go through without feeling either bored,cynical,depressed,uninterested,that-s-not-an-exchange, and so on. oh well. Keeping a little sleep debt actually helps a bit, like the first beer or something (with the same risk of getting straight too far too fast and having the message not correctly received (there, what did i just do?)).). :smiley: