Goals //// 2018


well, goals. Last year my goals were a sort of to-do list with higher significance items than my uncountable everyday to-do lists. Some items did happen, either by chance or because of me taking action for them to happen, others were dropped out, things i had not planned doing occurred (can we really have three verbs next to each other in english too?).

Anyways, for this year i am setting the (meta-)goal to improve my social skills in order to be able to build and open creative/professional doors. (social things, i hate those. i can’t help but notice all the untold stakes at work in a live conversation and it makes the entire thing a pain to go through without feeling either bored,cynical,depressed,uninterested,that-s-not-an-exchange, and so on. oh well. Keeping a little sleep debt actually helps a bit, like the first beer or something (with the same risk of getting straight too far too fast and having the message not correctly received (there, what did i just do?)).). :smiley:


Better late than never… [this also should serve as an intro]

First, I’m very happy to have found this forum because of the focus on ideas, not so much specific equipment or musical scenes. I’ve found great ideas, great music, great books (the Gary Tomlinson book was one of many epiphanies…) Indeed there’s something very special, alive, and nurturing about this community. I hope only that the sometimes strange way I think and write about things can find a place. It did not on MW, though I still appreciate that forum for its technical knowledge.

Some brief context.

  1. What I do (technically, descriptively, not in terms of the visions that drive the work – ok not much in terms of vision): I use some old modular (no eurorack) and non-modular analog gear which I control using Max and Logic. I use Max not for audio but for ways of algorithmically manipulating sequences under real-time (keyboard) control; aside from starting with a few generic “cells”, and of course having everything patched beforehand, the entire track generally develops on the fly. If pressed I’d describe it as a “mystic algorithmic folk music”, completely electronic of course, though others may relate it to post-minimalism. In a way something like Terry Riley’s “In C” already contains more advanced manifestations, but I’m exploring this with algorithmic mediation, in a more folk-oriented context, and in ways that echo Bataille’s “acephalic” dictum: Secretly or not… it is necessary to become other or else cease to exist. Sure there are some very specific/personally meaningful aspects to how all this is done, aspects that configure the whole apparatus as a site for ritual practice, but for now (dipping my toes in) it’s easier to describe things from a technical point of view.

  2. Prior context and development: About three years ago I abandoned what I was doing musically and began a different and ultimately pathless journey, to no longer attempt a particular style but simply to listen, not judge, to open myself to the sounds/concepts that were already emerging, that perhaps had already been there and simply say “Yes”. Once I got a sense of the “flow” (I would not say “direction”), this allowed me to progress more rapidly, which happened mostly in 2017.

However, this “honest” approach was not without its shadow side: it brought forth deeper, more haunting, inner visions, aspects that I had preferred to be fairly hidden, but that have come to share an identity with the work which serves as the primary actualization. OK, I still haven’t posted my work or shown it to anyone, for reasons I discuss below. I may not do so in 2018, if it is still not right. But I do feel it’s more or less reached the point where I feel it should be heard.

With this background, here are my 2018 goals:

  1. find better online communities (already joined lines!) and lessen my participation in others.

  2. finish a suite of Max tools for interactive, generative composition, as part of my exploration of anthropotechnics, personal transformation, shapeshifting… a posthumanist orientation diametrically opposed to the transhumanism of Ray Kurzweil, Elon Musk etc.

  3. cultivate some sort of offline community, perhaps not strictly (or even) musical: I find it much easier to discuss ideas in person, especially when contexts and ideas spontaneously emerge from the conversation itself – writing on forums (indeed: organized, linear writing in general) has never been my strong suit… concepts are hard to separate from practice… also as a liminal sort of person, dwelling in the borderlands, walking the thresholds… concepts cross many boundaries: musical, technical, social, spiritual… when I try to capture a thought and write it down, it’s most likely flown into another…

  4. [and this is the crux…] find the courage to come forth with some things … if it can be called an “identity” or more broadly an entire worldview or simply “world”. Or more properly the “virtual” out of which my work is the primary actualization, but that is no less real than the actual. But the lack of other avenues for actualization (even writing, discussing ideas) inhibits and isolates me. I fall back too much on security, on perhaps alluding to things, regressing to the type of symbolic mediation rather than actively making this world come forth.

I would say that each of these steps are prerequisites towards releasing a work. I’ve made good progress on the first two and little on the others. Above all, I wish to grow to the point I can put my name towards a release.


A very inspiring plan for this year.


My brother is pretty much fluent (after 8 yrs learning) and I know a bit too. If you are looking for tips or resources let me know

I’ll ask him and some of my friends from overseas what they recommend


Excellent! thank you. So far I’m doing duolingo but if you know of any others that are good that you used I’m all ears. Thanks!


that’s a fantastic app

go right on ahead with it


the year has already surpassed my expectations and i havent even made much music…frankly my main goal for 2018 is to improve as a human. if that means i dont release anything tangible in traditional artistic formats then i hope to find new ways to express my creativity in a sustainable way

volunteering - this is my priority…everything i do is structured around my passion for community volunteering and teaching

  • maintain a regular schedule participating in weekly programs locally
  • research/complete April trip to Bonn & Koln (arrange lectures & gig if possible)
  • complete 4-month accelerated farsi class by May and progressively improve all year

friendships - learn from friends, support them, do my best to contribute to their successes in 2018

  • draw closer to my partner and future inlaws (keep saving for our wedding)
  • host more parties for my niece and her friends and/or dj her graduation
  • contribute art and resources back to all the teletype and aleph heads on lines
  • whenever possible, support new projects of my peers: labels, ceramic shops, pedals, modules etc

space - continue development of my virtual gallery/notebook and use it as a dynamic release platform for art

  • prop up ifizu.com for another year
  • complete research & transition to p2p

music - focused on play…that’s it

  • spend time to learn/re-learn current tools
  • avoid pitfalls of 2017 (obession with sampling / album & gig focus)
  • listen honestly and document relationships
  • remember…dialogue with self > technological chatter

life is so unpredictable

i’d like to be prepared to enjoy as much of the unexpected stuff as possible without losing balance


Just chiming in to happily report the first month of daily Teletype scripting accomplished! :blush:


Nice to see some 30-day check-ins!

My daily goals came out ok:

Morning creative time is essential, and is continuing a routine I’ve had for years. Salad for lunch turned out to be only a weekday thing due to my schedule, but it has been working great.

Finding/prioritizing time for my other projects has been tough - when I do get some creative time (30 minutes in the morning, 90 minutes-ish at the end of a long day) I’m stumped on which of my projects to work on (learning 20th-century music theory? Making a track? Making a tutorial? Reading for pleasure?). So I need to narrow that down to, like, 1 thing. Or make a prioritized list and just bash through the list in order.

As for monthly goals:

I revised the short story, but need to make one more round of revisions before I send it out.
I got squat done on Persichetti, so that will be my evening no-screen-time work this month.


This week’s Disquiet Junto project is, shall we say, goals-oriented. I read a research paper on Nature.com titled “Effects of Sad and Happy Music on Mind-Wandering and Default Mode Network” by Dr. Liila Taruffi and some of her colleagues, and I got in touch with her and she helped me craft a Junto project about, in essence, “productivity music.” It’ll go live here shortly:


In the meanwhile, you can read the paper here:


One of my goals for 2018 was to save more. To that extent, it mean reigning in certain spending. I’ve decided to use Trello to visualize what Discretionary items I want, how badly I want them, and if I’ve saved enough to purchase it. Here’s what that looks like.


I didn’t participate yet, but I feel like it would be nice to. I have slowly been forming a plan in my head but it’s nice to get it out and commit to it:

  • play live shows. I did my first live at CV Freqs this month, I need to find more places to play at and share my music. Success is to play at least 3 more shows this year.
  • Release music. I started releasing music last year, I want to share new music more regularly. Success is to release something at least once every 3 months.
  • Limit my spending. I plan to buy few more utilities, all of them with the goal of helping the live shows. As soon as it’s done, I will stop buying and save as much as I can. Success is to only buy what’s currently on my list and nothing else.


Just saw this (in keeping with goal #2 below). Broadly, I’m aiming to increase my participation in my music and arts communities. Specifically:

  1. Increase the amount of music I make and share. This is a low bar, as I have not made a lot that I’ve shared in recent years. I can measure and track it by Soundcloud posts (might migrate to Bandcamp this year, but total number of pieces posted on public access sites).
  2. Participate in Lines rather than simply (or mostly) lurking. This has two subgoals:
    a. Set up the site in its own page and keep it open rather than as part of my RSS feed, which inhibits commenting on posts because it prevents staying logged in.
    b. Participate in at least two Lines community music projects, e.g., LCRP, disquiet junto, etc.
  3. Explore opportunities to participate in my local music and art community by attending at least three conservatory concerts, gallery, and/or museum events beyond the usual mainstream symphony and arts fair happenings.

This is all in keeping with my larger personal goals to focus increasingly on the things that are satisfying and to let go of the things that are not, especially with family, friends, and career. Regarding the latter, expanding my music practice and participation in music/art communities is an important component of deepening my work as a psychologist with artists and creative persons and, indeed, I view as much an artistic practice as my music.


Develop my professional skills to next level

Find Mungo d0 (get in touch if you have one)
Upgrade my rig to relative functionality, I have lots of sound sources and toys, but not enough utilities
Use modular in my work more, use it in commercial product


Rounding out month 2— updating for ~ honesty ~ :open_mouth:

So far I’m doing pretty well with piano, notes on the bass clef came back pretty easily even though I hadn’t played trombone since 8th grade. Just working on coordination and physicality/touch/dynamics.

Re-read theory and technique of electronic music, but i’m stuck on http://msp.ucsd.edu/techniques/latest/book-html/node76.html until I have more free time. No summary of the previous chapters— for people who’ve more experience on this and somehow are also keeping up with this thread should I go back and really make sure I understand the fundamentals of sinusoids amplitudes and frequency? I feel like going back to review specific things as needed is a lower stress option for continuing on.

Haven’t completed any tracks but I’ve recorded a bunch of music so that’s something… and I’ve fallen off with jazz standards+guitar because I’ve been enjoying learning piano much more.


Second gig coming up in April. More on that soon…


~60 day check-in…

A sedentary month! We were wrapping up our school musical, and I was the Piano 1 part for a very demanding show, so that took up pretty much 99% of my time. I made my morning creative coffee time into my outline/research the sci-fi novel time, so that was two birds with one stone.

Interestingly, I find working on little autodidactic projects (like the Persichetti 20th-Century Harmony book) to be habit. After dinner, do I sit down with the laptop or with some manuscript paper? If my laptop isn’t in reach…do I grab my phone instead (often, yes). I don’t even think about it. My little actions can betray my larger goals.

My daily salad for lunch is working great - I have gotten in better shape, even with a notable lack of exercise :smiley:

I have a lot more time this month, so I am hoping I will be able to work towards my daily goals on a more consistent basis in March…


Progress update o’clock…

I booked my 1st ever modular show this week - as per my original post, it’s been about 3 years since I played live in any capacity. I have 3 months to prepare & I’m totally excited at this point. It’s for a yearly modular event in my hometown that I attended last year & absolutely loved - some of the performances that I saw last year really inspired me to put more time into synthesis, so to be performing myself this year will be awesome.

I’ve been posting more & lurking less on here. I’m really looking forward to submitting to the latest LCRP too.

Release-wise, I’m considering whether to self-release a cassette or to look for a tape-label. If anyone knows of a small tape label that might be receptive to my stuff, please let me know :slight_smile:

Brewing will have to wait 'til later in the year!


Raises hand brooklyn as well


More on that here: