Goals //// 2018


Goals for 2018:

Play more gigs than last year. (182 is the number to beat) ((4 years running I’ve beat myself))

Continue not drinking. (3 weeks today)

  • too much free beer at all the gigs.
  • beer at all the rehearsals
  • beer because there’s a day off

Reclaim the AM.

  • i need more time in a day, and morning is the only place I can get any extra. (see 'continue not drinking above)

Find contentment with the gear I have.

  • GAS is a buzzkill in some ways

Stop slouching/hunching over so much.

  • i realized the other day when I woke up and looked in the mirror, that with a morning wood I’ve started to resemble a lower case ‘f’ =)


Great time to review:

Lines goals:

Find a voice, find the artistic voice that only I have and channel it when making music. Turn the gear/ experience/ideas I have into something unique and valuable. Then the gigs and tape releases and collaborations can come… right now, I feel I make uninspiring tech demos for no one and have ideas, and the two never meet up to become more than the sum of their worth.
been making time to play with other musicians in my area… this is such a nourishing activity. I haven’t been making much music outside this sphere but see my TTSH in a different light when it can just be one part in an ensemble piece…

Don’t buy things. Was quite good at this last year, but I have doubled down on my environment last year to upgrade audio interface/Live DAW/studio space… now there is no excuse for me needing any more stuff.
Less good at this as I am selling my Eurorack and moving to a simpler 5U system, so there has been a lot of buying ( and some selling), but I am initially topping out at 2x13HP, so will hold onto that for a year or so and see where I need to expand.

Practice Yoga and not just do it in class for 60 mins per week. Use this practice to destress and manage unhappiness.
Really good at this… been enjoying yoga most evenings or every few evenings & a weekly class.

Keep a journal of my musical activities, to try and run ideas for their lifespan, not just throw away and start again. Also to show my progress and introduce good habits of practicing and playing as a regular thing.
ticking along, but have been going back to some basics of synthesis books to get it fully ingrained and avoiding you tube shiny shiny videos…thankfully in the 5U world a new module comes out every few months…not hours…


I checked one of my goals off yesterday, which was to play live. I’ve never played a modular outside of my own place before & it’s been 3 years since I played live in any capacity, so this was a pretty big deal for me.

I’m happy to say that it went brilliantly - it was an outdoor show as part of the annual Brighton Modular Meet. The sun was out, a really great bunch of people were in attendance & the performance itself actually went pretty well. Looking forward to playing more. :slight_smile:


mid-year progress report

  • Performed live solo 2x - on track
  • Performed live w/others 2x - on track, but as my regular collaborator moved to Boston, I’m in search of others to perform with
  • Album release - no real progress, but I’ve released at least one track I’m very happy with
  • Do 20 Juntos - 7, so a bit behind track
  • Lose weight - total fail, I’ve gained some… meh!

On the bigger music project… I’m very excited about it, working hard on getting things in order so it can happen… more news this Fall.


It’s never too late to start making goals for the year 2018, I suppose.

The other day, all of a sudden - almost out of nowhere - I was inspired for the first time to conceptualise a eurorack module. I’ve been working on the idea ever since. It happens that I’m an absolute beginner to all forms of code besides HTML. I know next to nothing about practical electronics because I never paid attention at school unless it was a humanities subject. The only way I can see this going forward is if I build the device in Reaktor first and then learn to rebuild it in code, probably in collaboration with someone else, once I have a clear idea of the device’s internal structure. Therefore, my goals for 2018:

  • Learn to build a working model of the idea in Reaktor.
  • Bonus goal: finish my MA thesis!

Goals not listed in order of official priority.


I can’t recommend collaboration more highly. Working with someone else will prevent you from building something too quirky, will give you a reason to talk to other humans, and (if the capabilities are complimentary) help you imagine something even better than you are imagining.

Oh, and make a module to get your MA. It worked for me!!!



I fully wish and expect to collaborate on the project eventually. I’ve had enough experience doing solo projects e.g. with my music. It’s lonesome and stressful. Time for some teamwork!

Unfortunately for this idea, my MA is in cultural studies and my thesis is a study of the uses and meaning potentials of exotic samples in experimental ‘Western’ music. :sweat_smile: But what module did you make for yours?


Mine was in Media Art, but I was able to mumble-mumble about the use of compute resources for unique functionality in an analog-based environment: i.e., an Arduino in a modular. Hence, the ArdCore:


Got some help from a few folks (most helpfully, Grant Richter gave me a few hints that made the thing viable), but I did it too alone. When I decided to release it as a commercial 5U module, I embrace help, which made the whole thing viable - and even fun. Alas, the 5U community was not very embracing of compute resources :grimacing:, but the SnazzyFX release of it took off for a while.

I still use my Euro-version every day, which is more that I hear from the rest of my Masters’ cohort; few of them have anything to do with whatever they did for a project. So that’s a win, right?



Oh, so you’re behind the ArdCore. :open_mouth: I only discovered it a few days ago - I saw the Snazzy FX module in the background of a demo video and immediately had to find out what was behind that vivid green and pink panel. Reprogrammable, open-source hardware like this is such a good idea.

@philmaguire even suggested I try realising my module idea as a programmed patch in a carte blanche device such as ArdCore or Grains. I will actually look into this once I have a clear notion of the core structure of the module.


Would be into reading that! :herb:


I’m pushing halfway now and ought to be done by Christmas. Once it’s published on the university’s MA thesis repository, I shall probably post a link here for anyone interested. :slightly_smiling_face:


I feel a bit out of touch with lines lately, but thought I might drop by to update on some of my goals. The music ones have almost all fallen by the wayside, but in regards to my ‘work’ goals…I’ve been rather productive.

I ended up going to South Australia earlier in the year to do a distillery course at the University of Adelaide’s ridiculously cool Waite Campus.

This has been so much fun this year, there have been some really awesome recipes come out of my R&D sessions at work, the owner probably wouldn’t be stoked with how many have ended up in the sink, though.

This is the most exciting one, though. In the next few weeks we will be signing a lease, getting the keys and starting work on our own bar. It is happening so fast that I can barely believe it.
I might end up making a thread to document the process, but for now…it is going to be a tropical/soft tiki/cocktail bar that specialises in gin and rum (I never could get into whisky.)
A few of our close work family will be coming with us to staff it and I’m so happy that we will finally be able to create a work environment that doesn’t depress/stress/anger me, and will be an educational/productive/creative workspace free from sexism and harassment for my staff.


Completed that back in March, released as “Relic” on my Bandcamp page.

Two gigs under my belt so far, and possibly another in October opening for a local doom metal band. More info on that in the Chicago thread once details are ironed out.

Finally completed this morning after buying an Erbe-Verb last night. On to building up a 3U touch control skiff.


Is it in Maitland? I’ll drop in next time I go. I think my sister may frequent it


Haven’t opened yet, ran into some snags. Still haven’t lost faith yet.
Currently a bar manager at a place in Maitland, chances are it is the place your sister hangs out, even if it isn’t ask for Dane at any of the small bars in Maitland and they will be able to point you in my direction. :slight_smile: would be great to say hi!



How did you all do with your goals in 2018?

I realized that I never posted my goals for this year but I did have goals and only did okay with it all. I really wanted to finish another album this year but I didn’t even get close. I did release an EP in the form of a tour tape which was at least something. There were two fairly big deadlines that I completely failed at but luckily the parties involved are very understanding… so my goal before the end of the year is to finish and deliver those two tracks. On the positive side I had a few sound pieces in the form of installations that made it out in the world this year and am looking forward to getting more out there in 2019.
I had a goal to be more physically active again which was mildly successful but there is definitely room for more.

i’m about a week away from starting the 2019 goals thread so get ready :wink:


I’m so glad you did this this year, and thanks to @natet for having introduced me to the benefits of a habit tracker document, which I’ve been doing as a Google Sheet. I’ll reflect on what did and didn’t happen and reply.


this is funny looking back at. goals for me just push me to figure out the entirely different things I actually want to do.

what I did instead of these things this year:

  • made my first functional audio software
  • figured out how to be an artist
  • record 13(-ish?) albums & 2 film scores & made the album art
  • learned how to improvise and played a gig
  • started hosting a performance series
  • made a portfolio website
  • started freelancing in ux/web
  • met loads of v cool people, most of them from here
  • pretty much know what I want to do with my life now probably

even more things not planned for next year !

...to be an artist

This is brilliant! So apropos…


Aside from these goals, I also managed to travel to Atlanta and Asheville, and started a second, part-time job selling synths and modules and stuff, and most importantly, I got engaged in November.