Goals //// 2018


So it was a busy year…

  1. listening? Probably improved…
  2. Drinking less. Yes! Actually I’ve become very active and have lost 12 kilos. Drinking less has contributed to this and I am looking forward to more moderation going forward
  3. Yes and no. I consolidated down to a teletype/ER301 centred 4U 104hp case. Then acquired another 6U case as a performance/improv case because the smaller case was usually tied up preparing for performances. I’m just finalising the new live case for a collab project which I hope will be the main live focus for 2019. The decision to expand was because I found myself doing a run of unexpected shows from about August on. Things really took off and so that’s where my (creative) energy has gone.
  4. Yes - one collab performance plus a number being scheduled for early in the new year
  5. Not really
  6. No because of the points above but this will probably form the basis of next year’s goals.
    In many ways this year has gone better than I expected. I’ve become more confident in what I am doing because it is clear from the live scene here that there are people who like it and are keen to share in it. I was invited to play a couple of shows that I would never have expected to be included in when I set down the list at the beginning of the year.

This is life for me. I have to see what comes up and run with it from there. Abandoned goals are usually stepping off points for something better


I checked, and I actually don’t want to review my goals, because at this point some things became very personal and I’ve had a very rough year in other aspects, it’s just a bit much for me to be going through… maybe Jan. I’ll be able to have a fresher perspective.

But it’s scary how well even then I had articulated the main themes, which meant I had spent the year for the most part finding ways to give them a more concrete expression. I do feel I’ve progressed at least in this sense.

I did end up changing my musical style and most of my gear… but it’s to help better align with other communities who have been expressing these themes all along, just not musically. This isn’t compromise in any way, it’s a matter of understanding the possibilities authentic to our historical moment and seizing hold of them.

I know at this point I really need to fulfill this vision, as the themes have changed not one bit… certain aspects make it very hard and again I am not blessed with the genius of someone like Arthur Russell who did a somewhat analogous thing (in his time) and was mostly unrecognized when he was alive. But I still can keep persisting, keep working.

I’m really glad to have discovered lines though, it’s the first place where I can simply let down my guard and write as myself, everyone really has been so kind. So I was able to do this and really learn, because we learn from each other and from ourselves in the process of writing… for this I am so grateful, I never had anything like this experience before joining.


2018 was a great year for me, got married and bought an apartment, so a lot of grownup things.
I also did ok-ish on keeping up with my goals.

  1. I’m starting music “studio diary” and will publish incomplete sketches weekly (in hopes that I stumble upon something that I want to turn into new EP/album, I don’t want to repeat the same techniques/ideas from my first releases), also, some gigs maybe?

I managed to put out an experiment almost every week in studio diary: https://soundcloud.com/szymonkaliski/sets/studio-diary-2018
Also played a short tour in the US, and I’m playing last gig of the year in few days in my hometown, so I can say that I’m somehow back at making music.

I’m starting to think about new ep/album, maybe a goal for 2019…

The problem with weekly publishing of “studio diary” was that usually I only had time to play once in a week, so I couldn’t experiment as much as I would like to, as I knew I was accountable to put something out. So I’m not going to continue such a structured diary next year, but I’ll probably continue pushing sketches out from time to time.

  1. I’m working on sketches of interactive/visual ideas (I plan on starting special “sketchbook”/“lab” page on my website, and writing about the explorations/techniques on my blog from time to time)

This didn’t work out so great, I experimented a bit in first few months of the year, but I think this is just not resonating with me (anymore) so I’ll drop forcing myself to do these things.

I also managed to go on a month-long residency at Laboratory Spokane and developed some creative coding libraries there: https://szymonkaliski.com/log/2018-11-27-laboratory-residency/

I also want to focus on good work / life / personal-projects balance, my small studio (http://flow-control.io 16) is getting busier and busier, and I’m happy for it, but I don’t want to fall again in a trap of working 12+ hours daily.

This didn’t work at all, I’ve been back to 12h-workdays recently, and working weekends. Trying (again) to make a plan how to change this.


I was able to accomplish most of this, playing 3 shows this year (had the chance to play another but timing was bad). New album came out later in the year. Started a youtube channel to post one of my live performances and then decided that I didn’t really want to make videos as much as I thought.

I actually met quite a few people this year who are on lines! Lots of great experiences. :slight_smile: Didn’t really explore improvisation like I had hoped, but there’s always next year.

Looking forward to the Goals 2019 thread.


@marcus_fischer thanks for reminding me about this!
So… how did I do?

post new articles on horizontalpitch.com
Done! not as many as I had wished, but some nonetheless and a few of these I’m pretty happy with. I do need to find a way to write more smaller pieces, instead of these long things I’ve been posting. It’s taking me too long to get things finished. So here’s a goal for 2019 I guess.

release one album
Didn’t do this, it’s still not released, but I can say that besides the mastering it’s basically finished.

do more juntos than last year
As usual I did start with lots of motivation and then life got in the way. But I did more than last year, so I guess it’s still a success.

focus more on the modular and get rid of some gear
This worked out somehow, but in general I had the problem that my time spent making music has been really little this year.

update my knowledge in the field of UI design and design in general (through reading and courses)
I’m pretty happy with what I could do, didn’t do many courses, but learned a lot of new stuff!

do more things that don’t rely on the computer (drawing by hand, building paper protoypes, etc.)
This also worked out well. But there’s still space for improvement.

in general do less but better
There’s much to be improved in this department.

finish renovating the house (not really an optional goal)
Done! It’s been driving me up the wall over and over again. But it’s now finally done!

So yeah… I am happy with my 2018!


Between hindrance and drive, goals are a subtle pressure balance. Where have the empty weeks in the diary sank ? Was it a time of close connection with the work(s…), or a moment of lost contact ? How would i know, when it takes months to emerge as a scrutable form ? Doubt, breath, faith. And elastic time. :upside_down_face:


Life is time and time is strange…

Breathe in the now, best wisdom I’ve ever heard…

And try to be kind…


I think I did alright with the above goal this year. I made some gear moves over the year that emphasized “play”, and definitely enjoyed myself at the table. I had a bit of “music making burnout” over the summer, but didn’t stress out about it. The urge to make stuff came back just fine. No permanent damage.

I have a short list of goals for 2019, will keep working on them for eventual sharing in the 2019 edition of this thread.


Can we start the new thread? I’m looking forward to looking forward to 2019.

  1. I am now practicing with my Sangha three times a week. This also involves meditating and reading more zen related texts throughout the week. This process has helped me to be more mindful in general.

  2. I made adjustments professionally that allowed me to work much less, which in turn freed me up to spend more time with friends and family and making music.

  3. Through stepping outside of my comfort zone both personally and professionally, I have met a lot of wonderful new people this year. Some of those people have become friends, music collaborators, and regular acquaintances.

  4. Gear wise, I finally feel like I solidified my set up (eurorack buying/selling slowed down this year, which should continue into 2019). I played six shows this year and recorded multiple full length albums (the first of which was released by Neologist Productions in November). I launched my Bandcamp site and I’m in the process of having my music uploaded to digital music and streaming services.

  5. The professional adjustments led to saving less money than I wanted to but I have increased my monthly loan payments, which has put a dent in my student and car related debts.

  6. I had hip surgery over the summer to repair a torn ligament. Slowly getting back into being physically active.

Overall, it was a challenging but productive year. Looking forward to setting up goals for 2019. This thread was actually on my mind throughout the year and helped motivate me to accomplish the goals I had set for myself. Thanks all!


Nice to see sangha activity! I can only wish…

  • Perform live solo - 4x - done
  • Perform live w/collaborators - 4x - sorta - led many group improv sessions, but none were public
  • Release an album through a label - sorta - album comes out Dec. 27, but not on a label
  • Do 20 Juntos - 12/20 - not bad, may get one or two more in
  • Get back down to 155 lbs. - no progress
  • Big project - well…

I made a big change to my plan mid-year: Rather than take a sabbatical for a music project… I decided to leave my job to focus on music full time. I’ve been on a leave of absence this month, and my official last day is Jan. 31st. So, rather than a specific musical project, I’ve been working on how to structure a musical vocation.

I did one bonus goal this year:

  • Teach a short course in electronic music to middle school kids - in progress - Taught field recording and musique concrète the first week. Taught analog synthesis in week two. Next week teaching with grooveboxes and production tools.


First up: again, major thanks to @marcus_fischer for spearheading this.

Pretty good, and I’m not sure I’m going to change this list much when I make a list for 2019. On the Guitar/Theory side, it was a great year. I continue to take guitar lessons weekly (it helps the school is, like, two blocks from where I live), and practice a lot, usually half an hour a day, often quite more. I got a cheap acoustic guitar for my birthday (to supplement my Stratocaster), and having that in the living room for spur-of-the-moment noodling has been a big help. On the Synth/Software tip, I used my modular synth (6U Eurorack) a lot, swapped out about half of it, and am very much enjoying it. I use it mostly to process guitar and field recordings, and I wanna get some percussive-oriented modules (likely Elements, and something to shape IFM output), and sort out my nagging dissatisfaction with the 4MS Spectral (primarily that it doesn’t do individual outs per spectrum — likely meaning I’ll just give 4HP over to a FXDf). I didn’t make a ton of progress on Coding, but did dedicate time to it. Switched from Processing to SuperCollider as my focus. Still at it, and hopeful for 2019. And I did Record/Post/Document more. I’m trying to sort out how to organize all the files that I produce.

The main thing of note here is I am, apparently, now part of a music-trio project. We’ve had two practices and one actual concert at an actual venue (a cafe in Berkeley). The guitarist made this happen, bringing in me and a (phenomenal) vocalist. I process both their sounds, and am processing field recordings. Next step is for me to add percussive sounds.

A so-so year here. I did a lot on Next Music/Sound Book, though nowhere near what I’d hoped to. The This Week in Sound newsletter came out in spurts. I put the Disquietude podcast on hiatus because much as I enjoyed it, it took time I needed to apply elsewhere — I did, though, start the weekly Stasis Report playlist on Spotify and, later, Google Play Music. Junto went great, though the extra-project activities and dedicated site didn’t (well, there is now an extra-project planned for next year, and I suppose much of that effort occurred this year). Disquiet.com went great, though I still haven’t introduced guest posts or do a redesign. Freelance Writing went OK, but I’m still sorting out the benefits versus focusing on Disquiet.com and book-writing. Big Side Project was largely dormant.

Fiction: Didn’t complete but am pretty darn close. Handwriting: progress, though much to go. Social media: Much progress through limits, like not participating on weekends or after hours. I’m on year-end hiatus now, for two months, and somewhat looking forward to getting back in the throng come January.

Very good year. Didn’t get to the gym much, but otherwise very good, including starting tai chi and occasionally going to an actual yoga class.

Main thing is the trio mentioned up above.

Thanks again. I may tweak this response at some point, but wanted to get my thoughts in order. Here’s to 2019.


I found my goals above and have to postpone these to 2019…
But scrolling up I found some exciting goals and have to ask @natet if you made it?


I made some of it! :smiley: I completed some tasks, and made steps forward on others (“it doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you don’t stop.”) I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to - not sure if it’s because I don’t have as much free time as I thought or because I don’t use my free time wisely (a little bit of both, probably).

I hit all of my big goals, except for writing fiction. I figured out how to revise the Mirror short story, but I stopped there.

I found a three-times a week Body Weight Fitness workout and lost 10 pounds.

I completed a mini-musical and am waiting for the voice actors to finish recording their parts.

Composing is going a little slower than I thought, but I’m ok with it.

So, overall, steps in the direction I want to go, with some completions. (Going for more completions in 2019!)

@bjarlstedt, were you able to get closer to what you wanted to do?

[Edit: Oh, and I am managing to avoid screentime an hour before bed, and I highly recommend it to all of you internet denizens. I’m getting good, restful sleep that I had forgotten even existed]

  • play live shows complete success, as I played around 15 time this year :smiley:
  • release music Some recordings were released on Soundcloud. Not exactly a success, will see next year
  • Limit my spending Fail…


Ah well… I’ll go with this: “it doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you don’t stop.” :+1:


I’ve done pretty well, this year has been a lot of big changes in terms of my outlook and approach to daily life. It’s not always easy, but I’ve definitely been more creatively focused.

The biggest thing I started but didn’t keep up is my newsletter. I still like the idea, but it’s just going to be occasional until I get into a better rhythm or have more to say.

2019 is also shaping up to be a bit of a crazy year (might be going back to school), so we’ll see what happens.


This year turned out to be pretty full on in many ways, some good, some less good, much of which distracted me from music and this forum also…but let’s see how I did.

I played 3 with the modular :smiley: (+1 in a Beatles tribute band!)

Zero… 1 is ready, I just didn’t find the time to release it. Also agreed to being on 2 compilations that are not yet released, so I guess this wasn’t a complete failure.

Spent less time reading about gear for sure. Also only bought 2 new modules. Didn’t really make more music though.

A couple of brief jams, but otherwise nope.

Yes! Had lessons for a while and now have a French housemate. Fantastique!!


My post about how I’ve completed my goals was a bit unclear maybe, but my goals for 2018 was (in short) to release something on cassette, collaborate with someone and to make a live performance; all eurorack related.

None of this has happened yet.

  • A cassette is in the hands of the person that is suppossed to release it. And meanwhile another little label wants to release something. Yay!
  • A collaboration is stuck in that early stage.
  • And I’m too scared to perform with this stuff. I don’t understand how you do it.